BREAKING: Ric Flair attacked by bear

Why, Matt Hardy? WHY?!

That is the question that is being asked by Hardy marks all around the internets.¬† At this past Sunday’s Royal Rumble, Matt Hardy turned on his brother, Jess Harvey, during a WWE title match with Edge. And people are taking it wayyyy too seriously.

Exhibit A:¬†This picture/comment was taken off Matt Hardy’s myspace, and shows that people still believe that ITS STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT;

Exhibit B: As a result of all the bickering and hilariously insane comments off that no good sonofabitch Matt Hardy’s myspace, a friend of mine made an animated video with an accumulation of the best and worst posts that were miraculously approved on V1′s site. That may be viewed here (thank you for your excessive free time, JohnnyBL).

Exhibit C: Finally, it all comes full circle. Remember when Owen Hart turned on Bret Hart at the 1994 Royal Rumble? Just imagine if we had social networking and blogs back then. People would have been murdered, yo. New Jack City styl’. With guns and shit. You know what I mean?

I’d like to remind everyone that wrestling is fixed. The storylines, the matches, the results are all a work. If you take it too seriously, you’re worse than a mark; you’re a certifiable retard. I know that I might be coming off as a bit harsh, but as a wrestling fan for, pretty much, my entire life.. I always had the presence of mind to know that it’s entertainment (well, sometimes it isn’t entertaining; thanks WWE!).

Grow up.

Speaking Out


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