Vince McMahon admits John Cena sucks!

You read the headline correct wrestling fans. Vince McMahon practically admits John Cena blows fucking chunks as a wrestler. Variety recently ran an article on the WWE Films division and it was mostly a fluff piece talking about how amazing they are doing, and how they are going to branch out and try to do comedies based on the success of The Game Plan for Dwayne Johnson (who my sources tell me wrestled at one point under “The Rock” moniker), but then Vince McMahon was quoted with the following:

“First and foremost, they’re performers and some of them secondarily are athletes,” McMahon says.”

Some of them are great atheletes! Ergo, John Cena sucks! And, the Great Khali really sucks! And, Vince McMahon doesn’t care, see…

“You have to reinvent yourself over and over,” McMahon says.

Editor’s Note: Our sources inside the WWE confirm that Vince McMahon confuses the words reinvent and recycle and nobody wants to correct him out of fear of getting fired.

“We’ve always have the creative ability to do that. You change with the times. Our audience is a very active and vocal focus group. They vote with their wallets. If they don’t like what they’re being presented, they don’t come. You have to judge their reactions.”

Oh, I get it. They realize their writing is so repetitive and mildly-retarded, that the only people who would be willing to actually pay for it are dumb little kids or young girls (and I’m sure a good chunk of older guys) who think Jeff Hardy is so dreamy. It’s clear that I don’t know what I want, Vince knows what I want. Vince knows I love matches that never get out of 2nd gear and the reverse chin lock is the greatest move in the world. Thanks, Vince. Here’s the login to my bank account…


  • First of all, it doesn’t seem like you understand the concept of sarcasm, and second of all what’s wrong with thinking Jeff Hardy is dreamy? NO HOMO!

  • Merlina says:

    First of all it doesn’t sound like Vince Mcmahon said Cena sucks at all.You are making that up in your head.Second,you sound gay by trying to convince everybody you are not and saying all older men who like wresting think Jeff Hardy is dreamy and basicily saying they r gay.You need a life.You r probably frustrated cause you think Cena an Jeff r attractive.I bet u want them.

  • John Cena says:

    No, he’s right. I do suck.

    Word Life.

  • Geekzilla says:

    I for one think Marty Jannetty is way hotter than Jeff Hardy…followed by Sweet Stan Lane in close second.

    // w00t!

    • Rajesh says:

      Well this game is focusing on the Attitude Era and Tyson haepnepd to be a big promotion during the time in his little feud with Austin. Mayweather showed up around WM 24 which would basically be the same as adding every raw guest host in 2008 on this game; It wouldn’t make sense.But anyways this is a wrestling game, not a boxing game (BTW did you know Mayweather didn’t agree to being on Fight Night champion because he wanted more money than the initial contract?)

  • Pat Patterson says:

    I’m gonna have to go with me, Sweet Stan Lane and Jeff Hardy in a TRIPPLE TRETT MATCH.

    With whipped cream.

  • Geekzilla says:

    It ain’t a party unless it’s a Pat Patterson party!

  • Simone says:

    Currently the WWE has a lot of talented wrestlers working for them so it saddens me that they aren’t giving more of these talented people a push. Instead they keep shoving the very limited John Cena down the fans throats. I find this
    decision by the WWE to be very annoying. Do they really think they can continue to hold the attention of the fans this way? People are tired of Cena being the
    World Heavyweight Champion or being in all the main events because all his matches are predictable and boring.

    Also I think that Randy Orton is much more attractive than Cena. He is also a much better wrestler and is far more entertaining. He deserves to be champ again rather than an over-rated guy like Cena, or an old guy like Triple H. Triple H needs to pass the torch to younger talent.

  • Randy Orton says:

    *evil gay pose with longing stare*

    The Age of Orton will rise again.

    Not gay!

  • mirage says:

    everyone is entitled to there opinion but wrestling isnt like it use to be, where talant sold tickets rather then the bullchit on ecw with edge and vicki, over the undertaker. maybe he wanted to retire but for years the mans been a great wrestler and the wwe is sinking fast. as far as cena, hes good but he isnt what he use to be and as far as ortan , now theres a real cry babie, the only way he wins is hitting someone from behind. triple h is another great wrestler, he allways gives 110 percent, orton couldnt hold his boots let alone a real title. i think vince needs to wake up and remember its wrestling and we want to see real matches. its like the big show theres a man 7 feet tall 441 pounds, now truthfully who could stand against that, suely not edge or ortan.

    • Alex says:

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    • Yoshii says:

      Are you saying you shluod just sit in the back and try to win on the last lap? I have seen every driver out there spin with no one around them at some point or another, that is called racing. Ever watch Sprint cup? I have seen drivers spin by their selves at every track I have been to, does that mean they are all driving over there head? I have even seen them do that with no one around them. How can Tim be to blame when the 97 came down and hit him before the green even came out? Oh that’s right I didn’t hit you I guess he did not hit the 16 also. I will fix the car again this week; if he wants to race it will be ready if he wants to take a break that’s fine to. Oh and at least we can agree on one thing, what come around goes around .

  • whatever says:

    this mirage or whatever…just bullshitting. If you go to wrestlemania…you’ll most likely see people booing at Cena, and actually CHEERING for randy orton. randy orton is a great athlete, and he in my oppinion, is actually a better wrestler than cena and some batista shit. Both Edge and Orton are such great heels that they made you so fuckin hate them.

    Great job, Edge and Orton. Keep on makin these pussies hate you.

  • UltimateWarrior says:

    You are rigth Merlina, this note about VM saying that about John Cena, he never say nothing like that,
    Blogger Brody ,do you have brain Damage?

    Edge Suck, The Undetaker will destroy him soon.

  • The Great Khali says:


  • Me says:

    I wish cena to fight in a MMA match, so he can get his butt kicked, he wouldn’t last half a minute

  • MMA says:

    anyone in UfC could kill em.

  • the rock says:

    finally the rock has come back 2 the topic…
    the rock says this ” cena..a nobody..a pore..roody poo candy ass”..”The Rock is gonna go through cena like ex-lax goes through his fat-ass mama!”..
    so watch it…

  • former fan says:

    i used to be a big fan of wrestling when i was a kid (bret hart era) i stopped watching for a while then got back into it during the rock, stone cold triple h angle era. now i tune into raw and find my self falling asleep. i remember when i hated triple h and now not only am i forced to cheer for him, but i honeslty want to see him pretend to whack people in the face with that sledge hammer, solely on the fact that almost all of them suck. and the few that dont (ie. cm punk) are midcarders cause vince seemingly cant stand to see the belt around the waste of someone under 250 for more then a couple of months, no matter how much the fans want it. As for cena he’s kinda funny sometimes but not for the reasons you’d think. wWhen you look at it the wwe has sucessfully neutered wrestlers who were great (ie. chris jericho) in order to push guys who truly suck, but are gigantic. Batista comes to mind. I would take angle and benoit(yes benoit) jericho(non bitter y2j version), the rock, stone cold, over the new top dogs. who, i might add, out of all of them, edge being the best worker. the wwe is a mess.
    before anyone gets mad
    i tried hard to like cena, but god he a mediocre wrestler and a bad rapper and a terrible actor. why do so many people like him? Because it’s easy to look like a rock star when everyone around you is wearing a helmet and drooling on themselves.

  • Jake Wasey says:

    JOHN CENA YOU ROCK!!!!!!! RANDY ORTOn you suck






    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Yeah I love TNA too, and I don’t watch WWE as much anymore but only because I watch WWE little times is The Rock appearing but other than that WWE has lost it’s touch ever since the aquisitions of WCW and ECW and even the name change from WWF to WWE. Now it’s just WWE without anything to do with wrestling cuz Vince wants more than to be wrestling. Gosh I wish WCW would’ve killed WWE a long time ago, at least they’re more wrestling, cuz WWE was mostly entertainment anyway. WCW, ECW, and TNA are more wrestling than WWE always been. WWE has always been dead to me since they’ve bought WCW and ECW out and now the show is transformed into a kid company with a no talent hack on steroids(John Cena).

      TNA WCW ECW early WWF >>>>>> WWE

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    • Mone says:

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  • hulk hogan says:

    what cha gonna do when hulkamania runs wild on u brother and i mean that in a gay way

  • WWE sucks says:

    Cena sucks he is a juicer wannabe wigger.

    Real talent like Jericho are becoming the bad guy.

    • Nam says:

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  • john cena says:

    i now i can´t wrestle. but im wwe Worst Wrestler Ever. my only fans are kids, girls, fan boys and marks. i only have 5 moves. all wrestlers thinks that i suck. i accept that i suck on the microphone too i suck in everything, im gay. i did copy the goodfather´s finisher. and also i changed the phrase of kurt angle to hustle loyalty respect. i really suck and i will suck for ever.

  • john cena says:

    im only a money maker that´s all. kids buy my toys

  • john cena says:

    im the worst wrestler ever :$

  • hey vince come on we can´t support this anymore!!!
    fire cena!!! please we wan´t real wrestling!!! fuck john cena

  • former wwe watcher says:

    WWE sucks…tna will rise and fuckin blow the wwe out of the water.please fire cena.

    bring back the hardcore shit!

    better storylines!!!!!!!

    f you cena!


    When Eddie died is when it really started to go downhill even faster….i seriously can’t sit through a whole episode of RAW anymore….cena will be the downfall of it all….i dont watch wwe anymore because of him…he’s not even worth booing anymore…neither is HHH…tired of them all…HHH is ALWAYS in the main event…its so boring…he can be gone for the whole year and come back in time for wrestlemania and STILL be in the main even for the championship….it sucks…its no wonder why top wwe guys left wwe for TNA….fuck the wwe…oh and i snuck backstage at the supershow in dallas…and they escorted me out lol….fuck that, i wasnt doing anything wrong…all the fucking money i gave to wwe the past years, I DESERVE to be back there…i give those workers thier paychecks…i will never watch wwe again, FUCK WWE, FUCK VINCE, FUCK CENA

    • brianmouland says:

      RAW is awful. Cena is a worthless clown who should have been gone 5 years ago. They don’t push guys with potential like Swagger or Rhodes. Punk should be the
      Champ not “Mr.Five Moves” Cena. Edge is gone, nobody
      has really replaced Eddie. I give up.

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      One day, I swear one day in some time! WWE will be bought out and owned. If I had the money, I’d buy WCW and ECW back and create havoc once again, muhahahahaha!

  • Cena Sucks says:

    I hate watching Cena’s matches because they are predictable and boring. People who like Cena do not necessarily know what is to wrestle. Kurt Angle himself said that Cena is a good entertainer but not a good wrestler. I hold it here.

    • brianmouland says:

      Cena is the worst wrestler I have ever saw. He’s so bad, his opponet usually dictates the match.

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Yeah he’s the golden goose of Vince McMahon alright, that’s just about it with his million dollar body not skills. His skills in wrestling and mic absolutely sucks!

      • Rafa says:

        haha, same Paul, poor guy, i’m sure he understood but jesus thats a rough one! I’m trinyg to think of a gimmick for Colt that will give him a Honkey Tonk career, but i suppose if it was that easy everyone would be Undertaker

      • If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowabunga, dude!”

      • Marcela says:

        Thanks Gatorgirl. Very kind of you to say that. Larry, there was never any intent to imply that we were some baadss race team . We are simply a close knit group of family and friends who happen to love racing. We always take pride in what we do and strive to come out on top. It does’nt always work out that way because after all, this is racing and anything can happen. People make mistakes and things happen on the track that are sometimes out of your control. It merely adds insult to injury when another driver does something boneheaded and you end up with a torn up car. Hence , the death stare that you spoke of. Tim had a right to be pissed, especially considering how much work had to be into his car from the prior week. But be assured that the 39 car will be back this week and Tim will give 100% effort to give the fans a good show and bring home a win. And one last thing. If you still wanna think that we act like some baadss race team, theres only one thing I can say, Damn right son! It’s OUR world, you just livin in it! LOL!!

  • Mrs.john cena says:

    Man fuk all yall who hatin on john cena he the reason the wwe is so big so all yall san suck cock and get off john cena swagg n get your own shit bitch dnt hate wat yu cnt imate thats y yall hatin on cena cuz yall cnt be like him so 4rm me to all yall hataz fukkkk you….dah one n only john cena’s wifey 4 life botch

  • John Cena says:

    No, you shut up! They are right, I suck big time. I only know 5 moves and don’t even perform them correctly, i can’t learn more moves ’cause i’m an idiot. I’m not funny, i can only come up with jokes for 3 year old kids. If you like me, then you suck too.

  • John Cena says:

    Guys. I admit it, I suck. It’s okay. I mean Earl Hebner can put on a better match than me, or hell Paul Bearer could put on a better much. BTW I jack off when they do close ups of Paul Bearer’s face at Survivor Series 1991. That shit is fucking sexy, best jizz I ever took.

  • Big Daddy V says:

    I have huge tits.

  • Donald Trump says:

    Big Daddy V has sexy huge tits.

  • Vince McMahon says:

    I take scissors and trim out my nose hairs then I tickle my own lip with them.

  • Awesome Kong says:

    i eat people like john cena for breakfast. he like kfc chicken to me

  • Bobby Lashley says:


  • Donald Trump says:

    You’re fired.

  • George W. Bush says:

    I draw Danny naked.

    • Mohammad says:

      yeah for those that think its fake ask Mr. heart if it was fake. Scripted is entirely dinfereft. Are they making full contact, no. Are they realy slamming each? other around? Oh yeah. A lot of danger in it, one wrong script and boom your in a neck brace and leg supports like Stone cold.

  • John Cena says:

    For all my fans, i’ve got to say…I SUCK!!! and I SUCK BIG TIME!!! that’s the whole and only truth

  • billy3bwhite says:

    john cena is the worst thing ever. Eugene knew more moves than him. I find myself to be more interested in hornswoggle matches than his. Randy orton is the greatest ever. He grew up in wrestling. John cena just grew up a faggot.

  • MINK says:


    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Only because he’s the no talent golden goose Vince shoved down our throats. You on the other hand don’t have no idea what true talent is and no nothing about wrestling. *Cries*

  • Kukujiao says:


    • Open says:

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  • John Cena says:

    Sorry Kukujiao I try to work hard but I can’t learn anymore than these 5 moves that I do. I’m gay and like so suck on my bosses butthole every night after work. Please still love me I’m the greatest champion of all time!

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Cena sucked since he debuted his first match on Smackdown.

    • Manoela says:

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  • David says:

    Cena is absolutely brutal in the ring and has to be the most overpushed wrestler of all time, Hulk Hogan included. Hogan was charismatic and the most popular wrestler in the WWF by miles and miles; Cena is hated by most fans above the age of 12. All he is is Lou Thesz press, zomfg clothesline, hulk up with his shoes or whatever, Attitude Adjustment/FU. He cannot wrestle his way out of a paper bag.

    What gets under my skin most though is the pathetic way the WWE just pushes and pushes and pushes him, trying to get him ‘over’ with the fans who boo him even when he wrestles massive heels like Orton and Edge.

    Look on Youtube for the end of Royal Rumble 2008. Cena and Triple H were punching each other, when Cena got hit the crowd cheered, when HHH got hit the crowd booed. The main face, in the process of getting yet another stupidly massive push, getting booed mercilessly? It’s supposed to be the other way around.

    Everywhere Hulk Hogan goes he STILL gets a huge positive reaction, same with Stone Cold, The Rock, Bert Hart, Ric Flair, etc. Cena had the longest title reign since Hogan was in the WWF, has been getting massive push after massive push for five years now, and is still hated… because he SUCKS. He has no charisma, he can’t wrestle and his character is boring and annoying (though the inept WWE writing staff are to blame for this).

    Possibly the WORST thing about him is that you always know the only reason he ever loses the title is so they can have him win it back in a spectacular way and maybe the fans will finally like him. Does he know where the bodies are buried or something? This guy is the main reason the WWE is crap these days. Orton’s character is boring and depthless, and most of the other talented wrestlers are over the hill, but there HAS to be someone better than Cena to take the championship.

  • Jack Swagger says:

    I shall rise to the top and topple Cena out so fans can come back and watch WWE again. At least, I can wrestle!

  • hank evans says:

    No John Cena is not a good wrestler he is not even a o.k. guy!!! What WWE needs to do is either fire Cena or at lease train him some good (or at lease some desent movesets) and then put him in acting school so he can approve his mic skills.

  • hank evans says:

    And P.S Cena needs a good wrestling gimmick so more people can take him seriously. I mean really who the hell stuggles in a match against The Miz I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Miz is ass too. And the Cena fans out there who are disagreeing with me needs to grow up and start to like some real wrestlers like Edge or Randy Orton Rey Mysterio or John Morrison Kofi Kingston I could go on. Vince doesn’t care about the fans he only cares about the money, that is why he is not puting effort to make a strong change in the WWE. Vince & every bitch ass Cena fan will realize this when TNA will start to kick WWE’s ass in the ratings and eventually WWE will be like another WCW forgoten memory!!!! Then it will be too late. Jack Swagger is going to kick Cena’s ass soon and he will be on top of WWE and save us real wrestling fans some greef. at lease Swagger can wrestle, unlike John Cena. And I don’t care if you Cena fans hate this message, because what do you know about real wrestling. You all a bunch of kids, dence minded women’ dumbass wrestling fans and a bunch followers following the leader and beleiving the hype of John Cena hell I Know Women Wrestlers who can wrestle way better then John Cena. he makes Santino Marrela good perfomer even know he is patheteck weak. One Last proof Cena is lame he lost to a rookie known as Shamus, who the hell loses to a rookie? Shamus is O.K. but he is a rookie and John Cena is supose to be on top of the wrestling world.

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      I wish WCW would’ve retired WWE years back when they’ve nearly destroyed them! Even though The Rock is cool but I wish he wrestled in WCW rather than WWE(Worst Wrestlers Ever)

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  • cenasucksraw says:

    whats is is shiat , Cena sucks and its Final . what yu have a problem with that ? well then you suck too ahahaa

  • cenasucksraw says:

    what is this shiat , Cena sucks and its Final . what yu have a problem with that ? well then you suck too ahahaa

  • The Rock,Undertaker says:

    The Rock:

    Finally, The Rock has come back to the…
    So,Cena u think u can mimic the Rock…lalalalao Pie Eaten, Ass Kicking, Smack it down …people’s champ….then Rock says this…Who in the blue hell u think u r?????

    If u’re a smell….what the rock is cooking…

    The Undertaker:


    – -
    – -
    – -

    Jon Cena’s new entrance:

    My time is up your time is now.
    You can’t f$%K me cause I am gay now…

    • Gustavo says:

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  • Wrestling has been on a downward spiral since the departure of The Rock and Stone Cold. The wrestler’s are boring; their gimmicks are trash; the scripts are recycled; the acting ability if the stars is cringe worthy…

    The show(s) need to get back to their kitsch roots. Play on the ‘gay’ angel more – that stuff’s a laugh-riot. A few in-jokes about ‘roids would be funny too. Make rivalries last longer than 2 weeks. Find better/more edgy stars and gimmicks (…’cause the ‘Takers gonna find it hard to remain intimidating with a Zimmerframe!)
    Just make the show what it was when The Rock and Austin were runnin’ things.

    Because as it stands, I’m loathed to even DOWNLOAD Wrestlemania anymore! -__-

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Old schoolers all the way!

    • Muhammad says:

      WWE/TNA News, Capitol Punishment Rumors & Spoilers | Social BookmarkingRelated Posts :TNA Bringing Back The Six-Sided Ring?, Details Update on Cena vs. Del Rio and Plans for WWEe2€™s Extreme Rules PPV Brock Lesnar Undergoes Surgery; Details Randy Orton Fires Back At Kurt Anglee2€™s WM Comments Freelance PHP Developer | Freelance PHP ProgrammerRelated posts:Why TNA Has a New Masked Mexican Wrestler, Ric Flair Has Surgery, MoreWWE Raw & Tough Enough Memorial Day RatingsInjured WWE Star To Undergo A Third Surgery Posted in Wrestling Tags: Arrest, Driving, Drunk, from, Hall, Jail, Receives, Scott, Sentence, Stemming Mascara Sagrada Openly Criticizes e2€œAmericanizatione2€9d Of Mexican Wrestling You can leave a response, or tcrakbcak from your own site.

  • wwf attitude fan says:

    wwe is dead & buried for me

  • gabriel says:

    I stop watchin wresting cuase stupied cena he so fuckin predicteable he trys act like the rock. wwe same old shit no blood no violce i m attude era fan. i came back watchin wrestling aging cuase tna has some attude era and they have r.v.d and kurt angle and the dugleys. tna tna has best wrestling fans and managemnt then the doble u doble u e wwe sucks tna is coming 2 put wwe out of bussness

  • John Cena says:

    I suck so bad because of me everyone hates wwe I’m still making money so you can suck my dick :)

  • Cena big fan says:

    Cena is not sucks cena cool cena rules nxt sucks

  • attitude era fun says:

    R.I.P. WWF

  • erik says:

    cena sucks he is vince mcmahon #1 yes man johhny ace is vince mcmahon’s #2 yes man. cena is shit wrestler he is as bad in ring as hulk hogan was. bret hart, gre hammer valentine, even bad news brown is better wrestler than cena. I hope he rips both of his acl’s so he can retired.

  • hank evans says:

    One of the worst thing they are doing to the WWE, is push the really ass wrestlers, to male superstars to the WWE Divas. For example, The Miz, Sheamus, The NXT rookies, Drew Mcintyire, Dolph Ziggler, C.M. Punk’s gay ass group the straight society, Layla & Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, and the most gayest wrestler they continue to push more them all of them is John Cena! They even ruined the the Tag Team Championship belt!? I mean seriously! I don’t care about TNA but at lease they are trying to be entertaining! Something that the WWE fails to do at all times! They even ruined good wrestlers in the WWE too, like Kane when he had hte mask on, Chris Jericho’s Y2J character too, Jericho was once cool but in 2008 shortly after his return they killed his character too by debuting this really retarted character that he got to day, instead of calling people “assclowns” he calls them a bunch of big dictionary words.

  • hank evans says:

    2 Days from now they are going to have this P.P.V. called “The Night Of Champions” the matches are the Divas and Women’s Championship Unification Lumberjill Match, Big Show vs. CM Punk, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston, United States Champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan, World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker (Which I don’t know why they would make Kane become the World Heavyweight Champion now because if you ask me I think it’s way too late to make him the world champion beause he is a washed up hasbeen now!) And last and definally the worst match of all is the WWE Championship Six Pack Elimination Challenge match. John Cena is in it, no big surprise, which by the way I think the WWE going to make him win it all up,which will make him the 10 time world champion in the WWE!? what’s next? Make Cena break Ric Flair’s 16 time world championship record too?!! I think this pay per view is going to be straight up ass just like all of the other PPV’s in the past! Now I haven’t been watching the WWE for about 6 months and I DON’T plan on watching it ANYTIME!! soon at all!!!!

  • hank evans says:

    The only wrestlers I like that are still in the WWE is MVP, John Morrison, and “Captain Charisma” Christian. And these people and others wrestlers get pushed aside in the mean time while John Cena and the band of loser wrestlers get push up to the sky like I REALLY would pay to see them. And one other thing, can the WWE just get rid of Vickie Guerrero already what the FUCK is she still doing here in the WWE she’s not doing anything, she’s worthless but some how the WWE thinks she is a good entertainer and therefore they’ll keep here to the very end of time. “Excuse Me” I mean really is that hte best of fuckin’ got?

  • In my opinion, the WWE sucks! And here’s why. It sucks, not just because of John Cena, it sucks because of the shitty same-old story lines they preach over and over again, for one. I mean, the WWE has a habit of bringing out horrible story lines and on the other hand, they bring back old ones too. Like for an example, The “Triple H Vs John Cena” story line, or how about the “Triple H Vs Randy Orton” story line, most recently, the “The Undertaker Vs Kane” story line, now that story line maybe the closes thing to an decent, Attitude Era story line, but the bad thing about that one is of course it’s being revived in this era the PG-13 Era and obviously I,am not a big fan of the PG-13 Era. “The NXT/ The Nexus vs the entire WWE”, (Mainly against John Cena, because he is the face of the company right now) Randy Orton Vs Sheamus, and the MOST played out, over uesd, very cliche, story line today is……….. The “Randy Orton Vs John Cena” story line! That story line is so aggervating and very over done, John Cena is made to look like a super hero that can never ever be beaten by absolutly no man here in the WWE! And Randy Orton always lose against him, as if he can’t even beat the man, but yet he was trained by multiple legends, but still can’t even beat him, Cena wasn’t even trained by nobody, but always win in the end, the same guy that rely on strength and strength alone, and got no wrestling skills whatsoever! They always wrestle each other like 20 times a year, and if that’s not bad enough Cena most of the time wins! Watching Cena & Orton wrestle each other on a daily bases, is like watching Seto Kaiba dual Yugi Moto, or like Vegeta vs Goku, or more better Spider-Man Vs The Green Goblin, or how about like Batman Vs The Joker, or maybe much better Superman Vs Lex Luther. It’s always the Hero Vs the Villain type angle here, and it’s annoying! Another reason that the WWE sucks is the wrestlers they bring to the company, I mean can there be worser wrestler and gimmicks out there? Like The Miz, the man runs around and thinks he is honestly “awesome”. The same guy who been carried out of the back burner by John Morrison when they were a tag team, and been given a lap dance by Big Dick Johnson and loved every second of it, and the same guy who never done a thing since in the WWE, and never will, but got the biggest ass whoopings in Smackdown history, but oh yeah he’s so awesome and ohhhhh! Another one I don’t under stand is Dolph Ziggler he got a crush with the most annoying character in wrestling histroy, Vickie Guerrero. Drew Mcintyre he thinks he’s all bad and tough, and dangerous and atimidating, but probably doesn’t even know how to spell hardcore let alone know the meaning of it and to make it worse his tag team partner is “The Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Yawn. A Skinny little toothpick is your tag team partner. I beat I could take him on my damn self. The Unified Diva’s Champions Layla and Michelle McCool aka “LayCool”, more like a ripoff of the “Beautiful People”, on TNA, if you ask me, out all those Diva’s in the WWE, they deserve to be champ? They have no talent, expecally Layla a woman who dance on national T.V. and when she do get a chance to compete in the ring she always ends up losing, so who would care to see her, Michelle McCool thinks she’s all “hot stuff” just because she is the first Diva’s Champion in WWE history, they say all the good stuff about her, to me she looks like a blonde headed twig! So let’s see WWE’s top Diva’s are blonde twig and a little midget of a woman, that’s great, that’s really cool to watch them, when ever they get in the ring you know it’s going to be boring as HELL! And the worst wrestler of all them is John Cena a fake ass wannabe Vinella Ice, turned a wanna be Superman is their face of there company!? WOW the WWE sure know’s how to be very entertaining for sure!

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Yep typical WWE and their crappy Cena, and pop music crap stinks turds! YUCK!!!

      • Jen says:

        wrestlers do know how to fight and realy train there athletes the? wwe is ennnttaiemert wwe stands for world wrestling ennnttaiemert there acting but they are athletes what about brock hes living proof he came into the ufc became champ

    • Devin says:

      its fake in the sense of its not a competition its a play.. its not two guys copentimg its two guys not saying they don’t hit each? other(although that’s a separate debatable argument)or get real injuries and things don’t always go to plan and they do have to improvise at times.but wwe is not a sport. name1 other real sport where the winner is already been decided before the competition even starts.there for WWE CANNOT be compared to mma cause its not even close to the same thing

  • former wwe fan says:

    i bet i can make cena tap out with an armlock, more specifically a kimura lock variant, in less than a minute, even better, in less than half a minute, but if i were in wwe they will hold me back and make me lose to that waste in the roster so he can still be invincible, a hero for the kids, just like superman, or spiderman, but the difference is that this hero has no powers at all. Austin, The Rock, Taker, Kane, and other better performers were never as invincible as that clown, he is like cancer, spreading all the way to every single cells, detect it in time, and there still be hope, if not, i will give wwe 6 or 7 more years of life at best.

  • john cena says:

    to the guy up top posing you suck , and yea its true i may really suck i believe i do i nice outside wwe and i can rap none of you no nothing about rap i may be a horrible wrestler but i can rap i’ll leave this buisness behind any way since ijoined nexus last week and yea i do the same 5 moves but who cares hogan was hated more than i was unlike him he is in tna and hes respected know and that will be my choice in near future one day 2 get the respect i deserve kurt angle was also not respected neither am i we both suck and we also hate eachother maybe it was a mistake 4 me joining wwe

  • former wwe fan says:

    alright, if you are the real john cena, then you should know that you MUST TURN HEEL ASAP an make it last for a very long time, 5 years at least and please no more championships runs for you, you already have more than the rock, stone cold or kurt angle had without being even a little close to what they used to be. also the writers MUST make believable storylines cause since brock left, they were crap. if you are not the real cena, then you can kiss my ass…and that’s the bottom line cause i said so

  • Former WWE Fan, I agree with 100%. If you or hell even I was a wrestler in the WWE today, you’ll get over looked because those WWE script writing fucktarts, wanna see their hero, win the impossible outcomes, and see the lil kiddies that want to be part of the Cenation. As if this whole piece of shit the WWE coming up today with is stuff that’s in the comic books, these people stressing with the off the wall hero vs the villain shit every single goddamn day! And ones that get pushed to the top, is usually the one’s that no one cares about!! I mean can they be worst wrestlers in the company today. For example, The Miz, a waste of time and money for the viewers in the crowd. And I don’t give a damn that he thinks he is awesome, he’s not, open your eyes WWE and tell me what has he ever done that got him this far, not too long ago he always get his ass kicked on Smackdown! And all of a sudden he forms Extreme Expose with another form of talentless wrestlers (Including Layla) and he jumps with his former rival at the time John Morrison’s stardom and became very good friends with him, later on broke up with him, and now Morrison is absolutly nothing and The Miz is a big star now!

    • Pasaway says:

      Colt,I really enyejod listening.Regal is very knowledgable + has a great dry sense of humor. I popped in on a couple other archive pod-cast,I loved the banter between you+CM, 2 Chicago boys gone wild. I’ve been to your city a few times + always enyejod myself. I’m from Buffalo,N.Y + believe it or not Buffalo is a melting pot of different cultures just like Chi-town, I always sort of considered Buffalo as a mini version of Chicago.Keep up the great work Colt,you give a unique perspective of the wrestling business,both as a wrestler and of a fan.Now that I know how to get to your pod-cast, I will become a regular listener

  • DJ Rock says:

    Finally, The Rock has come back to whoop Cena’s candy ass!!!

    If you smell -lelelelele elll

    What The Rock



  • Hank Evans says:

    At Last, no more John Cena. He’s gone, He’s history!!!!!!! After almost a decade of suffering, Cena is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRAYYY!!!!!! But the bad news is The Miz is now the WWE Champion, so I guess he’s the new face of the company now. Just when they get rid of the “Worst Wrestler Ever,” they bring in the second “Worst Wrestler Ever.” They got the audacity to snatch the belt from Randy Orton,a son of a legend as that, and argubley the greatest wrestler in the WWE today, being the WWE don’t have a lot of good or decent wrestlers in there anymore because they all left to work at TNA or a independent wrestling companies, and give it to The Miz!!!!???? WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? What the fuck is WWE doing!!??? The Miz is 100% pure garbage!!!!! Why keep pushing him!? What’s next The Miz and John Cena is going to be legendary future Hall Of Famers!?? But at lease Cena is finally GONE!!!!! But I think Cena is going to come back, somehow. So don’t be surprised if you see Cena come back to wrestle the WWE Champion belt from The Miz at WrestleMania 27 and become the new WWE Champion, but I don’t care, because The Miz winning the belt alone makes me sick to my stomach, and besides the Cena can’t act nor wrestle out of a paper bag, and Miz looks like a little boy that I just can’t take serious of! And I wasn’t even watching this bag of shit that they call “entertainment” so what in the hell make them think that I would watch it now!? I’d rather see Goldust as WWE Champion than The Miz!! And did I Mention that Cena is going to come back, and he is WWE’s poster boy and Vince’s ass monkey?

  • Hank Evans says:

    And the whole “Kane is indestructable and he can never be beat by anybody, The Devil’s Favorite Demon” Bullshit goes, is starting to really piss me off, I mean really! Beside “Laycool”, The Miz, and of course, John Cena he’s starting to become one of WWE’s most overrated wrestler today! He couldn’t even beat Edge on his best day ever, and it’s been proven in the past a millions of times! And Michelle McCool is REALLY getting me mad, so what that she slept and got married to The Undertaker, basiclly she slept her way to the top of the WWE Diva’s Division, That’s all!!

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      Kelly Kelly, Michelle McFool, and John Cena all slept their way to the top!!! Did I just mentioned Cena slept his way to the top? Yep I sure did…… And that’s what he’s good at….. Except he wasn’t sleeping with a woman! 0_0

      • Deep says:

        Very cool. I’ve seen Mike wrestle many times in my home pirvonce of Newfoundland. It’s funny that Colt got him to cut his promo because we hear it just about every show and love it! He always mentions the inbred hicks in the front row .

  • 9-ball says:

    no cena is not gone, unfortunately, he is going to perform as juan sena (his storyline mexican cousin), he will be wearing a mask. cena himself admitted that he sucks, check his comment above, if he had a little dignity he would have left wwe like batista did until they turn back the business in what it used to be (1998-2004)

  • John Cena says:

    seriously guys, i’m still working for wwe, i am playing my mexican cousin Juan Cena. Now i wear a mask, but i am the only luchador style in the world that can’t do any fatastic flying moves, nor i can do ground wrestling, and i can’t do an hurrincarana for sure.

  • Miguel says:

    I been watch wwe in 2002 for ruthless aggression era I like wwe ruthless aggression era back then how did wwe pg era began? and how long is wwe pg era going to end?

  • Miguel says:

    wait I have one more who said john cena can’t wrestle?

  • Michael says:

    For the first time in 7 years The Rock returnd to Monday Night Raw as the host of Wrestlemania 27 in his segment on Raw he wasted no time in verbaly slagging off WWE Champion The Miz and the man who is in my option a poort replacement for The Rock John Cena now Rock seems to hate Cena because Cena made some negative remarks about Rock some years back i think The Rock thinks Cena is overated and not a good wrestler and is somewhat ashamed that WWE has gone from Austin 3-16 and if ya smell what the rock is cookin to you canrn’t see me the way Rock was talking it was as thou he has returnd to put Cena in his place and has basicly sead he is gonna lay the smackdown on Cena at Wrestlemania.

    And Vince McMahon has sead the first right thing in i dont now how long compared to the capeability and the wrestling of Stone Cold and The Rock John Cena realy sucks at wrestling and wwe has him as a replacement for Stone Cold and The Rock as the face of wwe its a joke Cena is a complete disgrace to the legend of The Rock and Stone Cold and its a disgrace that they put the WWE and World Heveywight Championship belts around Cena’s waist multipul times in the 7 years The Rock has been away The Rock basicly rip apart Cena’s monika on Raw and efectuvly undoing 5 years of work building his main even status now The Rock is back he is gonna show John Cean who is boss

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      The Rock is good at eaten John Cena for breakfast, tasty!!!

    • Ace Jorkel says:

      All there is to it, Rock rocks and Cena sucks.

      • Wilson says:

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    • Rafael says:

      it loosk good dude ea can not pick up wwe games thq his right tell 2015 and if they fialed then it wood be up to vicne to ddeise who makes wwe games so ea can not lay hand on them brsdie ea sucks allt hey care about is now day chatraters in games if they did wwe game we wood get no legneds i fuck that hsit thw is good ok there not going carsh burn wwe 13 loosk good

  • John cena says:

    i really suck…………..vince’s dick is so tasty….

  • Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

  • placentakid says:

    Yeah, Cena sucks in the ring. But that was nowhere to be found in what was quoted from Vince in the article above. Bad reporting.

  • Fredro Gonz says:

    His time is up and the time is now!!!! For wwe to finally get rid of the most horrible least talented wrestler ever cena sucks and the whole rap shit is fucking cheesy hustle loyalty and respect wtf…….seriously we’ve cena-nuff

  • Cody Rhodes says:

    I will rise above these overrated ugly retarded kid friendly morons. And I’ll start with going after eziekiel jackass and winning the Ic championship.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena sucks you damn right he does!!

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