Vince McMahon admits John Cena sucks!

You read the headline correct wrestling fans. Vince McMahon practically admits John Cena blows fucking chunks as a wrestler. Variety recently ran an article on the WWE Films division and it was mostly a fluff piece talking about how amazing they are doing, and how they are going to branch out and try to do comedies based on the success of The Game Plan for Dwayne Johnson (who my sources tell me wrestled at one point under “The Rock” moniker), but then Vince McMahon was quoted with the following:

“First and foremost, they’re performers and some of them secondarily are athletes,” McMahon says.”

Some of them are great atheletes! Ergo, John Cena sucks! And, the Great Khali really sucks! And, Vince McMahon doesn’t care, see…

“You have to reinvent yourself over and over,” McMahon says.

Editor’s Note: Our sources inside the WWE confirm that Vince McMahon confuses the words reinvent and recycle and nobody wants to correct him out of fear of getting fired.

“We’ve always have the creative ability to do that. You change with the times. Our audience is a very active and vocal focus group. They vote with their wallets. If they don’t like what they’re being presented, they don’t come. You have to judge their reactions.”

Oh, I get it. They realize their writing is so repetitive and mildly-retarded, that the only people who would be willing to actually pay for it are dumb little kids or young girls (and I’m sure a good chunk of older guys) who think Jeff Hardy is so dreamy. It’s clear that I don’t know what I want, Vince knows what I want. Vince knows I love matches that never get out of 2nd gear and the reverse chin lock is the greatest move in the world. Thanks, Vince. Here’s the login to my bank account…


…the IWGP heavyweight title, that is. Our sources reveal that Kurt dropped the title in a far away land known as Japan to a behemoth of a monster Shinsuke Nakamura. Our sources confirm it was a unification match for the two titles, much like when Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels unified the Intercontinental Title at Wrestle Mania X. Personally, I have yet to watch the match, I was too busy blogging about it, but Blogger T approves so check it out before it gets removed for copyright reasons:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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