In your dreams, no one can hear you cut a promo

200px VincemcmahontrialHere is a transcript of an AIM convo I just had with Abdullah the Blogger. All comments below are 100% true:

Abdullah: do you think maybe we think wwe is so bad, but really theyre just writing for an audience of 8 year olds?
Brody: yes, i do
Abdullah: like if we watched Barney, we’d probably be able to pick it apart just as easily
Brody: hahahaha
Abdullah: but we clearly know its not meant for adults
Brody: I think Barney has better storytelling
Abdullah: perhaps we need to think of wwe in the same way
Brody: i think maybe WWE is just written by 8 year olds
Abdullah: you know whats super pathetic?
Abdullah: i had a dream last night
Abdullah: that vince mcmahon decided to get out of the wrestling business and decided to let me take over the wwe
Abdullah: so on my first day i told everyone in the office they could dress as casual as they wanted to
Abdullah: and then i got the few good wrestlers left in the company in a room and pleaded with them to help me fix the wwe
Brody: ahahahahahahaha
Abdullah: i’m not making any of this up, this was my actual dream
Brody: who were the wrestlers you were pleading with?
Abdullah: i think shawn michaels was in there, and regal
Abdullah: and edge
Abdullah: thats all i can remember
Abdullah: i dunno how regal got in there
Abdullah: i must have lower standards in my dreams

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