The Art of FFwatching

FFwatchingIf it wasn’t for my DVR, I would’ve given up on wrestling years ago. I said it! Wrestling is absolutely unbearable to watch without a remote control nowadays. From all the rehashed video packages and the super long entrances to the ungodly restholds, I can do without all the time filler.

On average, I would say I can watch a whole episode of RAW in 20 minutes, 30-45 if there are decent matches. I’ve picked up on WWE’s “new style” of delivering wrestling. Things happen for the first two minutes to get your attention, then they settle down. Click!. Randy Orton applies a resthold… click!. Divas Match…Click!. John Cena reciting poop jokes and jocking the WWE Universe’s proverbial balls…Click!. ECW is usually full on ffwatching, with the exception of Evan Bourne. The only wrestler who has my absolute undivided attention is Santino Marella, for reasons I’m sure you understand.

Oh, and TNA, forget about it. More like Total Nonstop FFwatching zing! I think in the month of October, I pretty much launched the show in my DVR, hit FF and never stopped to watch, other than maybe a Mick Foley promo and a Motor City Machine Guns match. It’s gotten a little better now, but still there is a ton of FFwatching going on.

You should really try it sometime. It’s like saying FUCK YOU SHITTY BOOKING, I will not waste my time watching it. The entertainment value of the shows will go way up and you’ll have way more time to spend online bitching about how wrestling sucks or you know “having a life”…whatever that is.

Speaking Out


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