This guy likes Ric Flair a little too much

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There are diehard wrestling fans, and then marks. Marks make me embarrassed to say I like wrestling. I couldn’t find a better example then Youtube superstar thejericode0136. I don’t even know how I stumbled on this clip, but this guy clearly takes wrestling a little too seriously. A prime example of the downside of Youtube…anyone can just ramble for 10 minutes and get 4,000 views. This dude speaks like I did when I was eight years old talking into my mirror, except instead of a mirror this guy has a digital camera. Ahh, tehcnology.

It’s no secret how much we here at DoubleAxHandle respect Ric Flair, but this kid takes it a bit too seriously. Plus, he’s wearing a John Cena hat, which I assume he paid for, or more likely, his parents paid for. I could make fun of this guy, but a bunch of Youtube users already beat me to the punch. Some excerpts:

hey fattie want another cream cake
hav u heard of exercise or is that noexistant in america

*coughs* nerd

Hes a moron for;

1. wearing a John Cena hat
2. making this video
3. being fat
4. thinking wrestling is actually real
5. having a monotone voice
6. Orgasm over terry funk
7. carrying this video on for a second short of ten minutes
8. coming as close to bumming ric flair as possible
9. insulting 3 greats, Hogan, trips and Hart
10. Your a fag.

That was too much for jerichocode and he just had to respond to these accusations:

1.cena’s rocks but only smart fans understand that 4 honors people are watching
3.6 3 220 not fat
4.i dont i have forgot more about wrestling than most people know
5.true i saound like a chipmunk
6.nope cant say i have
7.ya f youtube it should of been 20mins
8.its called respect
9.hogan was really bad=khail in ring,hhh great in ring a superstar and had super matches but his backstage bs and not putting people over isnt cool,hart he should of jobbed to hbk when asked
10 married with kids

When he says “married with kids” he really means he kindaps single mothers and their children.

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