Teddy Hart + Weed + Camera = Entertainment

It’s no secret how we feel about Teddy Hart. I found the below clip online, and I think no cynical, smarky commentary do it justice. This video speaks for itself.

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Do you notice how he accidentally rhymes when he talks? You can tell Teddy spends a lot of time talking to himself in front of a mirror. People at independant shows need to make a rule not to put a camera in front of Hart’s face right after he got high!

Buff Blogwell adds: Would you, could you, with some weed? Would you, could you, yes indeed!


Teddy Hart is the greatest wrestler alive…just ask him

teddy hartTeddy Hart, nephew to Bret and Owen Hart is no doubt an exciting wrestler to watch. He does some sick moonsaults! But it’s clear to anybody within 3 feet of him that he comes off like a total douche. A recent interview on a late-night Hot 97 show can confirm this fact. If you really have 40 minutes to burn and want to hurt your head listening to somebody not being able to have a normal conversation without it sounding like a promo, then you can listen to it here. Luckily, I did want my ears to bleed, and I sacrificed 45 minutes of my life to liveblog some of his retarded ramblings. See how much I love you guys? It was a struggle to get through the whole thing, but I made it, and here is my recap:

- About 8 minutes in and I already want to punch Teddy Hart in the face. The guy seriously has some self-entitlement issues. It’s quite funny to realize that everybody that he broke into the business with (Jack Evans, T.J. Wilson and Harry Smith) are all in their own way successful, and he’s left behind because of his terrible attitude.

- Teddy goes on to say that he thinks he is best suited to be a wrestling coach. HA! Teach kids how to be assholes maybe.

- Throughout the whole interview, Teddy speaks in a sort of yelling/promo voice. Calm down Teddy, you’re on the radio.

- Teddy has a wrestling school in Canada called “The New Hart Dungeon.” Wow, way to make a name for yourself. Apparently, he opened it to try to help young kids get into the business… a business which he is quickly being blackballed out of.

- Small fact: Teddy Hart is a fan of hip hop, and a fan of Eminem (no surprise), Tupac, Biggie, Big Pun, Obie Trice and he’s starting to like Lil’ Wayne. So basically, anything on your local rap station. Direct quote when asked about rap “If the rap can lift your soul, make you do something positive with your life, I think that’s what they wanted. I think the message to me is real. I can take it, look in the mirror and understand it.” – Makes no sense to me either. The DJ goes on to praise Teddy for making everything he says sound like a promo. Praise? Really? Teddy continues to talk out of his ass, comparing rappers to wrestlers. It’s really hard to continue to go through this.

- Yet another direct quote: “I believe in God, and that God and the fans will protect most professional wrestlers if they truly put on a show and risk their lives” segueing into a plug to check out his Youtube clips.

- He wants to see rappers wrestle because what they say is basically like a promo. He’d like to see Eminem get in the ring, or see Michael Jackson do a suplex on somebody and then do a moonwalk. Has Teddy been hanging out with Vince Russo? Thinks that a lot of actors can make great wrestlers, much like with Dancing with the Stars… Wrestling with the Stars.

At this point the radio segment ends and we have the bonus internet interview. Exciting!

- At one point he talks about how wrestling is an art where you have to have many crafts, such as gymnastics, public speaking and even… language arts saying “Sometimes you have to go to Japan, speak a little Japanese, a little bit of Mexican…” Mexican? That’s a language now?

- Teddy goes off on a tangent how he hopes that Vince McMahon appreciates all the work that he and people like Jack Evans, Ruckus, and PAC are doing trying to reinvent the sport and make people happy. He talks about how he doesn’t understand why people like them are being overlooked by McMahon for “trying too hard” or “being too athletic” He talks about how he felt censored by WWE. Later he acknowledges that maybe WWE knows better than him.

- “I’d like to consider myself a doctor of professional wrestling” – Teddy Hart.

- He talks about how there was a plan to create a “New Hart Foundation” and was worried that he would get buried by HBK and Triple H because of their past differences with Bret Hart. When asked for comment, the former dX members said “Teddy Who?”

- He talked about how the plan was set into motion and he was getting high praise from his trainers, Tom Pritchard and Steve Kern, and that he had meetings with Michael Hayes (booker of Smackdown) discussing plans to bring them to TV. A week before they were set to debut, he got the call that he was released and then a few days later it came out that he got released because “he didn’t setup a ring or he came out with the wrong wardrobe.” And of course he finds it unfair, because nobody told him he was acting like a diva. Jim Ross, in a recent blog entry also praised Teddy Hart’s work ethic but spoke about how he needs to work on attitude issues.

- He hopes that Bret Hart could find the strength and courage to make an appearance so that the fans can see he’s still alive and ok, and loves the fans, cause really it’s about the fans. Translation: Bret needs to come back so I can get my job back and get some rub from being seen in the same shot with him.

- Talks about Harry Smith and how he’s a great role model for kids who lost their parents. The same Harry Smith who just failed a drug test. Calls Harry Smith “the best overall wrestler on Earth right now”. The same Harry Smith who just failed a drug test. “He knows so many different moves, its unbelievable”

- Talks about some of his favorite matches, most being Bret Hart vs somebody. Throughout the whole interview, he does give massive amounts of praise for Shawn Michaels, saying he is bar-none his favorite wrestler.

After listening to him talk out of his ass for 40 minutes, Teddy Hart comes off like a guy who lives his entire life in promo mode, a guy who really isn’t too self-aware, very full of himself and just needs some help. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is really exciting to watch in the ring. But, I think this YouTube clip properly explains my feelings for Teddy:

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Speaking Out


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