Mike Adamle is AWESOME!

The Adamle Experience: The Voice of ECW

Sure, he’s goofy. But, Mike Adamle is Sports Entertainment. He may not understand the WWE product, but who can blame the guy. Which one of us can truly say that we understand anything the WWE has done in recent memory. Certainly not I.

As Joey Styles‘ replacement on ECW, Adamle was met with harsh critics; citing that the new voice of ECW was inexperienced and uninformed with the current product. And, apparently, he is being primed as Jim Ross‘ successor on Raw. Therefore, Adamle is not going away. That is why I think we should embrace the Mike Adamle Experience. This guy is so awesome that he is even being written into their storylines and given even more airtime on Raw and ECW. We definitely deserve more Mike Adamle in our lives.

I applaud you, WWE. You have my support!


Speaking Out


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