BREAKING: Ric Flair attacked by bear

Possibly the Reason Why Gabe Was Fired?

Just a hunch. Its not I don’t find Rhett “Addicted to Love” Titus entertaining. This guy is brilliant! He oozes sex appeal. He’s a manly man. Plus, he’s totally not gay.

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Roddy Piper is a fantastic role model for the kids…

While we reorganize things, let this inspire you…

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So this is where wrestlers get their furniture

The next UNDERTAKER is female and underage

What the hell are they feeding the children in Japan? This girl definitely puts the Undertaker to shame! Watch out ‘Taker!

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Meet Scott Stiener's biggest foe…The English Language

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How to properly end a tag team match

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No setup needed! From the recent NOAH supershow featuring the Briscoe Brothers vs. Suguira & Marufuji

The HUMAN TORNADO will bitch-slap all jive turkeys

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Last weekend, Blogger T and I had the chance to attend ROH’s Sixth Anniversary show at the Manhattan Center. I have a large built-up rant that I will post soon, but first I thought I must let all the wrestling blogeratti out there know, that the man who impressed us the most was HUMAN TORNADO.

Sure, this soul brotha was on the short-lived-but-rather-awesome MTV series, Wrestling Society X, but I don’t really feel I got the full grasp of his awesomeness until seeing him live and in technicolor, daddy! Its very rare we dish out compliments here at DoubleAxHandle, but this dude is absolutely money. I’m sure in no time, WWE will snatch him up and neuter him just like they did with countless others (RVD, Paul London, etc).

Both clips furnished by the Human Tornado’s Myspace page. If he’s on an indy car in your town, check this foo’ out, he may be worth the price of admission.

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Takuya Sugi: Holy Sh*t!

Alright, if you haven’t heard of Takuya Sugi, I won’t hold that against you. Besides, the guy has worked under ten different gimmicks during his independent career in Japan.

Trained by Ultimo Dragon and the Tourymon school, Takuya Sugi started his wrestling career in 2003 working as Mini CIMA; a gimmick based on Japanese wrestler and Dragon Gate’s premiere talent, CIMA. Since then, Sugi has worked all over Japan as a freelancer for organizations ranging from Tourymon, All Japan Pro Wrestling, HUSTLE, LOCK UP, and Zero-1 Max; under the gimmicks Yoshitsune, El Blazer, Shanao, AHII, HUSTLE Ranger Red, Mini CIMA, Little Dragon, Michinoku Ranger Gold, Catfish Man, and The Zest (2nd Generation).

This guy is truly worth watching. With barely four years of experience in the ring, this guy has the fluidity of a veteran. His style incorporates everything you’d expect from the best cruiser weights in the world. But, don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself:

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Happy Boxing Day.

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