Catching up with Barry Horowitz, Raging Bull and Iron Mike Sharpe

Much like Michael Cole, Wikipedia is a wonderful tool. It allows us to find random weird facts about random weird people. That is exactly what I’ll be doing with Weird Wiki Facts. These are crazy things you never knew about wrestlers you never cared about. But remember, they are all 100% true. They have to be, they’re on the internet. Here’s my first batch of discoveries. I will post more as I find them.

Fact 1: Kosher wrestling legend Barry Horowitz, apparently runs a catfish farm in Sarasota, Florida now. You think the Macho Man ever comes over for some fish tacos?

Fact 2: Raging Bull Manny Fernandez is still working the indies in Texas, but supposedly works the drag clubs on the side. His drag name? Hannah Canranna. You might think this story is raging bull-shit, but it’s on Wikipedia, so it must be true!

Fact 3: Iron Mike Sharpe tried to sue Mike Tyson for using the “Iron Mike” nickname. Tyson won the rights to it by beating Sharpe in a highly contested game of Boggle. Tyson scored the win by getting 11 points for the word cunnilingual which he claimed meant “One who can perform oral sex on women of many nations.” Sharpe contested that this was not a word but since there was no dictionary in the room, he let it go.

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