More like the Rock-N-Roll Local

Pictured above: Robert Gibson (L) and Ricky Morton (R). OLD!

In case you were wondering what Chyna looks like now-a-days…

The answer is “Still Gross…”


Oh, and she apparently just launched a new website, although, it looks as though it was launched sometime in 1998.

Greg Valetine hammers the backyard competition

You may have seen WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine last week during RAW and went “Oh yea, what ever happened to that guy?” Well, our crack team of researchers (read:on crack) have found out just how Mr. Valentine was spending last summer. Why, showing up at a random backyard wrestling event of course:

And you thought his run as one half of Rhythm and Blues was bad. Gotta love that there are two people out there cheering (most likely the ‘bookers’ of the show who gathered all the money they made working at Dairy Queen) his speech where heĀ  basically acknowledges how pathetic this is. BACKYARD WRESTLERS BEWARE…Greg Valentine may be walking down the back alleys and may just run in and try to spoil your fun. In case of attack, call Vince McMahon.

Speaking Out


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