Flashback: Steroid Were Definitely NOT Used 10 Years Ago

YouTube has been absolutely tits lately, providing me with more nostalgia than WWE 24/7 has all year. I stumbled upon this gem of a piece that ESPN was doing about pro wrestling called Pro Wrestling’s Hold on America approximately 10 years ago (definitely after Bret Hart jumped ship, as he is shown interviewed in front of a WCW backdrop).

The first part of it focuses more on, at the time, WWF’s new edgy approach showing a virtual best of worst of Raw with the infamous “choppy choppy your pee-pee”, Sexual Chocolate and Sammy, dX giving the crotch chop and then showing redneck kids reacting to it. But then the topic shifted onto drug abuse, and provided these four minutes of magic.

YouTube Preview Image

A few things stand out. First, Buff Bagwell and Scott Stiener don’t do steroids. Oh, and Santa Clause is real. Secondly, Eric Bischoff was serious about drug testing in his company. He called it a “public relations” move and when asked what percentage of wrestlers have failed drug tests in the last 3 years, the look on his face was like asking one of the Bushwhackers to explain the Pythagorean theory to you. Some good looks back at how great pro wrestling was and how the media was just starting to pay attention again. Its especially chilling watching them discuss how many wrestlers died young, and just how many more died since then. Watch the entire 10 parter after the jump (First few parts focus on kids watching, but 4-7 focuses on the steroid use)…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


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