LOLWrestlers IV — LOL in a Cell







  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Warrior can beat Cena down so bad Cena cries, WWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    • Fred says:

      , is MY favourite thing to do, every day! (NACHO LIBRE QUOTE)Had too! evetirhyng you said about Lonnie is so true. He is such a rare find that one I just wanna put him in my pocket and take him everywhere with me. You guys are blessed to live so close! LOVE YOUR PHOTOS TOO Andria! you mucho talented!xoxoxI wanna meet you!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Man Cena is a wuss for life CENA SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena sucks again cuz he does suck man.

    • Kaori says:

      Hey!! Anyone notice that the cop’s laeywr is going to attend the White House?I hope that the cop uses this as an opportunity to say: Barack, since we’re here, shooting the breeze over a beer Tell me Why don’t you just show me your vault birth certificate? You haven’t heard? People are asking I’ll have another Bud. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Dude Cena sucks you know so what does that say about that?

    • Japie says:

      It isn’t a matter of who’s rnnniug the show, Leftists believe paradise has not been achieved because of the mere existence of Republicans and Conservatives, somewhere. It’s remarkably similar to the belief of muslims that THEIR religious “salvation”, ie getting into paradise, is completely and solely dependent on MY behavior and religious beliefs.How else do you explain that despite a veto- and filibuster-proof majority in the House and Senate from 2007 to 2011, the Democrats did not raise taxes or submit a budget for the President to sign? The Republicans could have stayed at home those 4 years, for all the difference their votes made, but it’s still the conservatives’ fault for everything.

    • Luis says:

      did Juan Williams say that? I have always liked Juan and he was very crctaiil of BO during the primaries, but since the election he seems to side more with him. But, I was very happy to hear Juan say that the TOTUS really blew it with the stupidity’ comment. Just wondering if that was a recent comment.Thanks

    • Anna says:

      I only closed 3, a Bloomingdales, a care card for the vet bills, and a citi card that they aderaly replaced with a better citi card because i wasn’t using it. I would have left hem open, But I moved and was afraid stuff was still being sent to my old house. I left the two cards ive had the longest open with a zero balance.My day job is a credit manager so I take my credit score very seriously.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena sucks again cuz he ain’t got it in him.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena can’t do jack you know that?

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena sucks cuz he’s cocky and not talented.

  • Ace Jorkel says:


  • Ace Jorkel says:

    That’s right y’all Cena sucks!!!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    And I’ll say it again that Cena sucks!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Paxson | October 11, 2010 at 3:14 pm |Free Speech | October 11, 2010 at 2:44 pm | There was no court order that any children slohud be removed from Ms. Taylor. Nor was there any proof that Mr. Irish or Ms. Taylor posed a threat to their newborn child.This is a criminal abduction by the State of New Hampshire. I am glad that Alex Jones is on top of this abduction and I urge all Patriots in the Dover, NH area to go there on Thursday to protest. If they can do this to Mr. Irish and me then they can do it to anyone.For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

    • Gaviota says:

      What’s happening to those two poilce officers is a crime of unseakable proportions. I’m gonna see if I can do a post about it. Does America need any other wake-up call than that?I just posted something different I hope you all like it. I’m just trying to stand up on top of the mountain and scream.

  • Surabi says:

    >>Sir WilliamIt is my opinion, that the U.N. needs to be “Dissolved”. At the least, America needs to remvoe itself as a member, stop paying dues (more than any other nation), kick them out of the U.S., stop using our troops and military assets, and immediately halt all financial funds to the U.N. and any associated organization it deals with. Again, just my opinion.<<I am intelligent, but have never considered myself wise. When it comes to the UN, I can't help but remember the old phrase "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"Pete

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