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"YOU FAT FUCK!" Who, me? "No, the other one."

WrestleMania has many traditions. Naturally, this being the premier event of the wrestling calendar, one of these storied traditions is that non-wrestlers often get to appear in non-wrestling matches. For example, an actor who once played a boxer in a movie might appear in a boxing match against a wrestler. Alternatively, a person famous for betting on baseball might be turned upside down and dropped on his head in a non-match setting. Why, you may ask, is it traditional for a wrestling promotion to have non-wrestling matches featuring non-wrestlers on its premier event? Well you, my friend, just. Don’t. Get it.

Anyway, at this year’s WrestleMania, non-wrestler Floyd Mayweather will face off against almost-a-wrestler The Big Show, in a match that is made all the more exciting by several confrontations leading up to the main event, in which Floyd Mayweather makes googly eyes and mumbles incoherently into a microphone. Immediately afterward, in these standoffs, Big Show gamely pretends not to be able to kill him instantly with one punch to the cock. However, this isn’t The Big Show’s first non-match at WrestleMania — no, back in 2005 he squared off in a sumo match against the equally fat and uninteresting “Akebono” of Japan.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, a fun fact: allegedly, in Japan, fat people are not considered disgusting and grotesque. I know American readers may doubt this, but it appears to be true. I will have to research this some more because it seems incomprehensible to me, but for now, in keeping with Blogger Brody’s post below, I will give you the back story leading up to this match.

…JUST KIDDING! There wasn’t any, because this match was just announced without any angles or back story or clever writing involved. And let’s face it, a good portion of the audience may have declined to purchase this PPV if it was announced to them that Big Show would be wearing a thin stripe of fabric across his “taint” and that, yes indeed, there could be a good chance that his penis and balls could pop out with any awkward stumble. And in the absolute best case scenario, you are still looking at about 5-6 minutes of closeups of his ass cheeks. In that light, not even acknowledging the match on their TV shows was probably a great idea.

So, in the absence of any back story, here, instead, are the top 8 things that are hilarious about this match.

8. Akebono’s robe.
Somewhere, in South Florida, an elderly woman (call her “Estelle”) settles down to eat her gefilte fish and listen to the NPR. She shambles out of the shower, and goes to grab her multicolored patchwork robe, but finds it missing. This robe and hundreds of others just like it were purchased by WWE and knitted together to make Akebono’s housedress.

7. The Big Show’s robe.
Sorry to waste two of these slots on robes, but I definitely feel that robes make up at least 25% of what is the most horrible about this match. The Big Show’s robe looks like someone removed Hulk Hogan’s radioactive orange skin, wrapped it around a Jackson Pollock painting, and then threw up on it.

ZOMG please put the robes back on. I won’t make fun of them or call them old senior citizens’ housedresses anymore, I swear. Just please please please put them back on. (By the way, I am 99.999999999% sure that Vince McMahon hated the idea of this match until someone pitched it to him with the angle that both huge fat bastards would be wearing little tiny panties.)

5. Taz not knowing what happens in a sumo match and pretending he is into it.
He false starts the action 3 separate times by my count. I’M SO PUMPED FOR THIS COLLISION!! LET’S GET IT GOING! Followed by about two more minutes of salt-tossing and calisthenics. There is truly only one man on the planet who can absorb such shittiness and act convincingly excited about it, and that is Good Old JR (see any John Cena match for reference). However, in fairness to Taz someone should definitely have given him a show itinerary in which it explained the unbelievably looooooooong length of pre-match activity that would occur before the two extremely unathletic fat people rubbed their titties together. The above clip lasts 8:55 and the first time they even touch each other is 6:20. That’s a LONG time to leave Taz, already not the most diligent student of the English language to put it mildly, with nothing particularly substantive to talk about other than two naked fat men.

4. Michael Cole.
“THIS IS THE FIRST EVER SUMO MATCH IN the WWE!!!!” Like this is actually going to be something they are going to keep doing on every PPV. “Umaga throw the ceremonial salt into the eyes of John Cena!!”

3. What happens when the match finally starts.
I’ll be completely honest, before WrestleMania 21 I had not ever seen an actual sumo match in its entirety. I had seen Hollywood fictional represtentations of a sumo match but my first thought upon watching this was that a real sumo match appears to be when two fat people slap each other in a slapfight like bitches. Then I realized, the Big Show is in this match. So maybe he sucks at sumo wrestling as much as he sucks at wrestling wrestling, and perhaps Akebono is more of a “Randy Orton” than an “HBK” of Sumo, and can’t carry the Big Show to a good match. So I decided not to pass judgment on sumo wrestling — it would be like when you are trying to convince your girlfriend to get into wrestling and just at that moment, Snitsky vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes on the screen, convincing her that wrestling has not really changed at all in 20 years.

The Big Show does his patented scream with the hand in the air during the middle of the match. Normally this is The Big Show-ese for “I am preparing to chokeslam you”. However he lowers his chokeslamming hand and just goes back to slapping and rubbing titties with the other obese fellow. I must tell you, The Big Show (can I call you The?), when one is primed for one of your exhilarating chokeslams, and then one does not receive it — well, let’s just say this is very anticlimactic, The. Very anticlimactic.

1. The crowd.
A lot of times I find myself getting upset at crowds for cheering shitty wrestling, making it ever more likely that the shitty wrestlers engaging in the shitty wrestling will be encouraged to continue. Or worse, they start booing things I like, making it more likely that they’ll never try that good thing I like again. In this case though, they were pretty much on point, gasping in disbelief when the robes came off, then yawning and booing throughout the entire match until it was over. A flawless performance of boredom, probably guaranteeing that there will never be another terrible non-wrestling match at WrestleMania ever again!

Although I am petrified in horror after watching this match, I did learn a lesson from all this. The next time someone asks you to recap horrible wrestling (or non-wrestling) clips from WrestleMania, say no. In fact, don’t just say no — say no and then go to the person’s house who asked you to do this and take a giant crap on their living room coffee table.

The only 5 minutes of No Way Out you really need to see


The Big Show made his surprise return last night at a so-so No Way Out, and his segment was definitely the strongest part of the show. Floyd Mayweather, who my sources tell me, is a boxing champion, kept a straight face and looked legit pissed that Show was messing with his buddy Rey. Really good, legit looking angle.

Looks like they are headed towards a tag match with Rey/Floyd vs. Big Show and a partner at WrestleMania, most likely Shane McMahon. Nothing is yet set in stone, as Rey Mysterio’s injury put a monkeywrench in the plans.

Speaking Out


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