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*COMEDIC PHOTOJOURNALISM INTEGRITY NOTE: Picture 9 flipped horizontally, because the joke doesn’t work so good from right to left. — Buff

Place Your Bets

WrestleMania has been called the Super Bowl of wrestling. And there are definitely similarities. For example, just like with WrestleMania, there is usually about a month’s worth of hype for the Super Bowl and, this year aside, compared to all the hype, the Super Bowl is usually a boring, anticlimactic mess just like WrestleMania. Also, in the Super Bowl, just like in WrestleMania, there are usually about 15 minutes of the event that wind up being worth watching. Another similarity is that the Super Bowl airs on broadcast television for free, much like WrestleMania airs for free on WWE television for the following several weeks after they have convinced several thousand suckers to pay $60 for it.

However the biggest difference between the two is that the degenerate fans of football will bet on anything from the final score of the Super Bowl, to the number of punts, to the coin toss. The degenerate fans of wrestling don’t have anything to bet on since the outcomes are predetermined. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could bet on all the dumb stuff that will happen? Here is the betting line for WrestleMania XXIV.

“What a devastating sidewalk slam!” — Michael Cole

Over/under on the percentage of successful attempts by Mike Adamle to pronounce the names of wrestlers he has never heard of until bell time: 18%
Over/under on the number of visible eyebags on Mike Adamle despite the best efforts of a highly paid WWE makeup staff: 3.5
Chances that the worst match (“BunnyMania” women’s tag match) will last longer than the best match (“Money in the Bank”): 50%
Chances that the WWE will produce some dumbass skit featuring 1980s wrestlers, identical to the 150 other skits they have produced in the past five years: 91%
Over/under on the percentage of moves Michael Cole incorrectly calls a sidewalk slam: 84.5%
Over/under on the total number of minutes of the show spent watching restholds: 47
Over under on the number of minutes taken up by replaying things we’ve already seen on television: 37 Chances that Aretha Franklin will sneak into the backstage area by claiming to be Big Daddy V, do a heel turn, attack John Legend, and take his place singing America the Beautiful: 1% (but we can hope)

Above: America the Not-So-Beautiful.

Over/under on how many inappropriate chants happen during the Hall of Fame ceremony: 15
Chances that Mae Young will go topless while accepting her HOF induction: 89%
Chances that anyone will mention, during Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson’s induction, how offensive their gimmicks were: 0.00000004%
Chances of someone saying “WWF” during the show: 63%

Over/under on the total number of wrestling moves executed correctly in the women’s match, by anyone other than Beth Phoenix: 1.5
Chances that the most entertaining thing about the women’s match is:

  • Santino Marella getting on the mic: 75%
  • Nipple slip or butt-crack exposure: 25%
  • Anything wrestling-related: 0%

Above: Pin dropping (can be heard
during WWE women’s matches).

Chances that Snoop Dogg will say something in an interview that indicates he hasn’t watched any wrestling since WrestleMania IV: 83%
Chances of Snoop Dogg specifically saying “WWF”: 97.2%
Chances that the crowd reaction at any given time during the actual match is greater than the reaction during the women’s entrances: 8%
Chances of a fart being heard from the audience because they are so silent during this match: 47%
Chances of sudden torrential downpour in the open-air Orange Citrus Bowl improving this match: 97%

Fig. 1: Unstoppable force.

Over/under on the number of times that Snitsky, even though he is flabby, out of shape, only 2 inches or so taller than the average WWE wrestler, and has lost every televised match he has been involved in for 6 years, will be portrayed as an unstoppable monster: 14
Over/under on the length of time The Great Khali is in the ring before sustaining a continuous “BOO” becomes a vocal impossibility for the crowd: 4:27
Over/under on the length of time the Great Khali will remain in the match before awkwardly stepping over the top rope and pretending to be eliminated: 15:29 (11 minutes past the continuous booing threshhold)
Chances that Hacksaw Jim Duggan will get a better fan reaction than anyone else in the match: 81%

Over/under on the number of times that any of the announcers assert their balls in the “my brand is better than your brand” debate, even though all three brands appear on each other’s shows constantly: 19.5
Chances that Umaga stares at a piece of simple electronic equipment in wonderment and awe, as if it is a god that fell to earth, even though he wrestles in arenas full of electrical equipment 250 days a year: 57%
Chances that Umaga’s incoherent rambling in Samoan is more understandable than Batista’s pre-match promo: 92%
Over/under on the number of chair-shots or other vicious blows to the head which Umaga will no-sell because he is supposed to be a Samoan with a stereotypically rock hard head: 4
Over/under on the number of simple fists to the head Umaga will sell as legit, and stagger, even though he seemingly cannot be hurt in the head by a chair: 34
Over/under on the number of times the announcers refer to Umaga as “unstoppable” or a similar adjective, even though, like Snitsky, he never wins a match except against 150 lb. jobbers: 11
Over/under on the increase in popcorn sales during Batista’s offensive sequences: 35%

Chances that JBL’s intro/ring entrance will last longer than the time elapsed in the match before he needs a resthold break: 74%
Chances of anyone expressing any interest in who Vince McMahon’s real bastard son is, now that Finley is Hornswoggle’s father: 4%

Chances that one of the two guys fighting over the ECW title will be from ECW: 12%
Chances that WWE will update their website to include “ECW Champion” under Chavo’s “list of career highlights” before he loses the belt: 2%

Chances that Big Show just says “fuck it” and legitimately snaps Mayweather in half: 6%
Chances that Big Show plays it by the book, but still clumsily gives Mayweather a legitimate injury by accident: 64%
Over/under on the number of people watching who are hoping one of the above happens: 257,951
Chances that Mayweather gets through a complete sentence without mumbling, stuttering, or some other miscue in his pre-match promo: 0.004%
Chances of Mayweather saying “WWF”: 28%
Chances of the winner of the Money in the Bank match using his title shot to challenge Mayweather for his boxing title after he is laying in a mangled heap in the ring: 0% (and yet, way more entertaining than whatever really happens)

Chances that Vince McMahon can restrain himself from appearing in the climax of this match, and imprinting himself on Ric Flair’s moment of glory into retirement: 1%

Above: More mobile than MVP.

Chances that MVP ever actually gets on the ladder: 40%
Chances that MVP takes a respectable bump involving the ladder: 21%
Chances that MVP tries to put the ladder in a chinlock: 91%
Chances that someone will use the money in the bank privileges to challenge for:

  • The RAW title: 60%
  • The Smackdown title: 31%
  • The women’s championship: 5%
  • One of the fake belts that are sold at WWE concession stands: 2%
  • The belt holding Jerry Lawler’s pants up: 0.999995%
  • The ECW title: .000005%

Who will be the lesser of three boredoms?

Chances that JR or someone else will say that this match is “unprecedented” or “historic” — even though we have been seeing thousands of different boring permutations of these three guys fighting each other on RAW for what seems like about 3½ years now: 99.7%
Over/under on the number of people in the crowd and home audience rooting for the guy they dislike the least: 194,000
Chances that at some point HHH and Randy Orton will both have to bring the action to a screeching halt, lie still and pretend to be incapacitated for a ridiculously long amount of time, after a simple move like a side suplex, so that John Cena can perform a five knuckle shuffle: 83%
Chances that John Cena does a “military salute” with the wrong hand again: 50%
Chances that HHH will hit someone with a sledgehammer in a completely non-threatening way like running it into their gut, or use the less-damaging stick end of it: 71%
Chances that HHH will actually use a sledgehammer the way someone would use it if it was a real fight, by swinging it like a baseball bat: 0%
Chances that anyone will point out that using a sledgehammer isn’t as badass as it sounds, if you’re going to use it in the safest possible way for your opponent: 0%
Chances that there will be another massive wave of steroid suspensions in the WWE between now and bell time, and they will have to replace the main eventers with The Miz, Sho Funaki, and Jimmy Wang Yang: 9%

Got any hot tips to add to the betting line for WrestleMania? Stick ‘em in the comments and I will post any good ones. (Don’t worry if it’s after WrestleMania is over. This doesn’t have to make any sense, it’s about the WWE!!)

WorstleMania V: The Worst Has Yet To Come

I have been a wrestling fan for nineteen years, growing up on the World Wrestling Federation. Catching Superstars of Wrestling and Wrestling Challenge weekly on my local affiliate, with seldom viewings of World Championship Wrestling at my grandparents’ place because they had TBS and I didn’t.

My earliest memory of watching Professional Wrestling was when the Mega Powers crumbled on NBC‘s prime-time special, The Main Event. After that show, wrestling became a huge part in my life. Tape trading, actions figures, live events, I was engulfed with every aspect of it.

It became more than just a fad with the cumulation of the Monday Night Wars between WWF‘s RAW and WCW‘s Nitro. And let’s not forget about Extreme Championship Wrestling, which was a true alternative to anything you’ve ever seen at the time. Wrestling was on the rise, booming like it did it in the 80s. It was an exciting period to be a wrestling fan.

Unfortunately, all good things eventually do come to an end.

WCW closed shop in 2001 when AOL merged with Time Warner, causing the conglomerate to pull its funding and take WCW off the air on TBS and TNT. ECW folded soon after claiming bankruptcy. Then, since they’re no longer a threat, Vince McMahon acquired the licensing, rights and tape libraries for WCW and ECW; which he has used quite excessively in producing endless DVD releases and starting a 24/7 OnDemand service for a monthly fee.

Without any viable competition, the World Wrestling Federation decided to fight themselves. This started with the “Invasion” angle, with Shane McMahon joining forces with Stephanie McMahon as the Alliance fought for ultimate supremacy against Vince McMahon and the WWF; which included mid-carders from each brand that were able to maintain their jobs in the new wrestling conglomerate.

Still on top of the wrestling world, Vince McMahon decided to sway towards the realm of Sports Entertainment. The nerve! And still lacking any real competition, Vinnie Mac implemented a brand split between Monday Night Raw and Thursday/Friday Night Smackdown!. Separate titles, rosters, general managers, announcers, and so on. If that wasn’t enough, they added a third brand, ECW. Adding more titles, another roster, a general manager, announcers, etc. And that is the world that we live in today.

The absence of a true competitive market has caused the WWE’s product to become homogeneous. Quality was replaced with quantity, in that there was more WWE programming available; yet, it the same recycled booking and treacherous angles we’ve seen many, many times over.

With all that said, I will not be ordering WrestleMania this weekend. The sole reason is that there is nothing on the show that is compelling enough for me to spend $60 and waste four hours of my life on. I am no longer the childhood fan that I used to be. And it may be due to the fact that Sports Entertainment is not wrestling. Wrestling became Sports Entertainment. In turn, Sports Entertainment killed the wrestling fan inside of me. Vince doesn’t cater to our kind anymore.

To be fair, I’d like to give this Sunday’s card a quick analysis. Let’s browse through the top five matches and see if there is any hint that this year will be any less exciting than last year’s event.

The Big Show vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather

  • How many times have we seen a boxer square off against a wrestler? Mr. T and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Antonio Inoki and Muhammad Ali, Andre The Giant and Chuck Wepner, Butterbean and Bart Gunn. I’m sure there are more and each of these fights have historical significance. Yes, even Butterbean and Bart Gunn had some sort of impact on the wrestling world; albeit, I believe it was detrimental.
  • With the rumored pay out of $20 million going to “Money” Mayweather, why not hire writers, staffers, and road agents to improve your product in the long-term. Rather than handover a large payout for a one-time match that will most likely expose the wrestling business even further, why not try putting that money to better use?
  • My point is this: What’s the appeal? David versus Goliath? Well, yeah. Whoever thinks that Mayweather is not going to get over on Big Show is living in a dream world. But, why should we care enough to purchase a $60 pay-per-view only to see something that will be replayed on WWE’s programming for the next decade? Its Sports Entertainment, baby!

John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

  • This should be self-explanatory, especially if you have been following the product in the last three years. How many times can we see some sort of variation between Cena/Orton/Triple H going at it? Enough is enough! Seriously, enough. Why won’t it stop??
  • Even if you decide to catch this match at some point following the show, we all know who is going to walk out of Wrestlemania the KING OF KINGS. There is only one.
  • The one person I kinda like in this match, Randy Orton, has no chance. Knowing that much about this triple threat title match, I care even less about the outcome (HAIL THE KING OF KINGS!!!).
  • Oh yeah. Did I mention how much I love Triple H? Watch this five star clip of him tearing off an Invisible Shirt! I think we have our main event for WrestleMania XXV.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair

  • I <3 Ric Flair. I’m also a long-time fan of Shawn Michaels. However, both are middle-aged, passed their prime, and have wrestled one another before. The huge sell for this is that it may be Ric Flair’s “last” match. Bullshit. Even if Flair does lose, this will not be his last match. The guy cannot survive without wrestling. He will be back doing one-night only matches, or some sort of role in wrestling that has kept guys like Terry Funk and Hulk Hogan relevant.
  • HBK can carry anyone to a decent match (ie: John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle). So, I’m not going to trash this one as bad as the others, because if I didn’t have such a disdain for the current product, this match would be my sole reason for ordering the event.

The Undertaker vs. Edge

  • While this may be the only title match worth watching this WrestleMania, I’m still indifferent. Yes, they have been pushing this feud for about year. Yes, its Edge’s World Title vs. Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak. But, no, I still don’t care. I can only attribute that to my lack of interest in WWE’s Smackdown! brand. Honestly, who watches something that is comparable to the final days of World Championship Wrestling? Why waste your time.
  • That was a little harsh. I’ll admit that. But, Smackdown! really does suck. It’s too bad that these two guys, who are incredibly talented, are stuck on a the B-show. Hell, I’d actually say Smackdown! is the C-show (even ECW is passable for being on for one less hour a week).
  • Edge has proven to be an ingenious heel. The dude is making out with the late Eddie Guerrero‘s wife on network television. Additionally, Edge has cashed in his Money in the Bank opportunity in two innovative ways, each time after the champion went through a previously grueling match. I’m a fan. Though, we’ve seen Edge face off against the Undertaker in other variations. And I’m sure we’re going to see it again. Probably, on Smackdown! next week. For free.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

  • This has become a tradition for WrestleMania in the past few years. The concept of this match is that whoever climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase is the winner and gets a title shot within a one year period. Last year, Ken Kennedy won the match and lost his title shot to Edge. So, um, what’s the point of having a Money in the Bank Ladder match if the winner can lose their privilege at a title shot? Seems contradictory.
  • With Jeff Hardy‘s recent 60 day suspension, and exclusion from the Money in the Bank Ladder match, we are left with only other seven participants. They didn’t even bother replacing Jeff Hardy’s spot. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they substituted one Hardy for another. You know, to see if anyone notices. Or cares.
  • I’m not going to downplay that these matches tend to be quite entertaining. It may be good enough to outshine everything else on the card. But, is that really saying much about the rest of the card? Is one great match worth sitting through nine other predictable matches?

To close, I’d like to say that if this year’s WrestleMania exceeds my expectations, and since hindsight is always 20/20, I’ll admit that I jumped the gun and may catch the replay. But, I didn’t bother with WrestleMania last year. I felt that choice was justified when I read the review following the show. I have a feeling that this year will not be much different. Therefore, I will not be ordering WrestleMania this year.

God Bless The Internet.

The Stylin’ and Profilin’ Elbow

It’s sad to think that we are about a month away from Ric Flair‘s final match. Here is a moment from a few years ago, where the wheelin’-dealin-kiss-stealin-limousine-riding-jet-flying-son-of-a-gun and the People’s Champ, The Rock squaring off for (if memory serves correct) the only time. Unfortunately, it was in a handicapped tag match with the Rock-n-Sock Connection taking on 3/4ths of Evolution. The Nature Boy is not to be outdone by the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, as he puts his own spin on things. Can I get a Woo!?

"YOU FAT FUCK!" Who, me? "No, the other one."

WrestleMania has many traditions. Naturally, this being the premier event of the wrestling calendar, one of these storied traditions is that non-wrestlers often get to appear in non-wrestling matches. For example, an actor who once played a boxer in a movie might appear in a boxing match against a wrestler. Alternatively, a person famous for betting on baseball might be turned upside down and dropped on his head in a non-match setting. Why, you may ask, is it traditional for a wrestling promotion to have non-wrestling matches featuring non-wrestlers on its premier event? Well you, my friend, just. Don’t. Get it.

Anyway, at this year’s WrestleMania, non-wrestler Floyd Mayweather will face off against almost-a-wrestler The Big Show, in a match that is made all the more exciting by several confrontations leading up to the main event, in which Floyd Mayweather makes googly eyes and mumbles incoherently into a microphone. Immediately afterward, in these standoffs, Big Show gamely pretends not to be able to kill him instantly with one punch to the cock. However, this isn’t The Big Show’s first non-match at WrestleMania — no, back in 2005 he squared off in a sumo match against the equally fat and uninteresting “Akebono” of Japan.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, a fun fact: allegedly, in Japan, fat people are not considered disgusting and grotesque. I know American readers may doubt this, but it appears to be true. I will have to research this some more because it seems incomprehensible to me, but for now, in keeping with Blogger Brody’s post below, I will give you the back story leading up to this match.

…JUST KIDDING! There wasn’t any, because this match was just announced without any angles or back story or clever writing involved. And let’s face it, a good portion of the audience may have declined to purchase this PPV if it was announced to them that Big Show would be wearing a thin stripe of fabric across his “taint” and that, yes indeed, there could be a good chance that his penis and balls could pop out with any awkward stumble. And in the absolute best case scenario, you are still looking at about 5-6 minutes of closeups of his ass cheeks. In that light, not even acknowledging the match on their TV shows was probably a great idea.

So, in the absence of any back story, here, instead, are the top 8 things that are hilarious about this match.

8. Akebono’s robe.
Somewhere, in South Florida, an elderly woman (call her “Estelle”) settles down to eat her gefilte fish and listen to the NPR. She shambles out of the shower, and goes to grab her multicolored patchwork robe, but finds it missing. This robe and hundreds of others just like it were purchased by WWE and knitted together to make Akebono’s housedress.

7. The Big Show’s robe.
Sorry to waste two of these slots on robes, but I definitely feel that robes make up at least 25% of what is the most horrible about this match. The Big Show’s robe looks like someone removed Hulk Hogan’s radioactive orange skin, wrapped it around a Jackson Pollock painting, and then threw up on it.

ZOMG please put the robes back on. I won’t make fun of them or call them old senior citizens’ housedresses anymore, I swear. Just please please please put them back on. (By the way, I am 99.999999999% sure that Vince McMahon hated the idea of this match until someone pitched it to him with the angle that both huge fat bastards would be wearing little tiny panties.)

5. Taz not knowing what happens in a sumo match and pretending he is into it.
He false starts the action 3 separate times by my count. I’M SO PUMPED FOR THIS COLLISION!! LET’S GET IT GOING! Followed by about two more minutes of salt-tossing and calisthenics. There is truly only one man on the planet who can absorb such shittiness and act convincingly excited about it, and that is Good Old JR (see any John Cena match for reference). However, in fairness to Taz someone should definitely have given him a show itinerary in which it explained the unbelievably looooooooong length of pre-match activity that would occur before the two extremely unathletic fat people rubbed their titties together. The above clip lasts 8:55 and the first time they even touch each other is 6:20. That’s a LONG time to leave Taz, already not the most diligent student of the English language to put it mildly, with nothing particularly substantive to talk about other than two naked fat men.

4. Michael Cole.
“THIS IS THE FIRST EVER SUMO MATCH IN the WWE!!!!” Like this is actually going to be something they are going to keep doing on every PPV. “Umaga throw the ceremonial salt into the eyes of John Cena!!”

3. What happens when the match finally starts.
I’ll be completely honest, before WrestleMania 21 I had not ever seen an actual sumo match in its entirety. I had seen Hollywood fictional represtentations of a sumo match but my first thought upon watching this was that a real sumo match appears to be when two fat people slap each other in a slapfight like bitches. Then I realized, the Big Show is in this match. So maybe he sucks at sumo wrestling as much as he sucks at wrestling wrestling, and perhaps Akebono is more of a “Randy Orton” than an “HBK” of Sumo, and can’t carry the Big Show to a good match. So I decided not to pass judgment on sumo wrestling — it would be like when you are trying to convince your girlfriend to get into wrestling and just at that moment, Snitsky vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes on the screen, convincing her that wrestling has not really changed at all in 20 years.

The Big Show does his patented scream with the hand in the air during the middle of the match. Normally this is The Big Show-ese for “I am preparing to chokeslam you”. However he lowers his chokeslamming hand and just goes back to slapping and rubbing titties with the other obese fellow. I must tell you, The Big Show (can I call you The?), when one is primed for one of your exhilarating chokeslams, and then one does not receive it — well, let’s just say this is very anticlimactic, The. Very anticlimactic.

1. The crowd.
A lot of times I find myself getting upset at crowds for cheering shitty wrestling, making it ever more likely that the shitty wrestlers engaging in the shitty wrestling will be encouraged to continue. Or worse, they start booing things I like, making it more likely that they’ll never try that good thing I like again. In this case though, they were pretty much on point, gasping in disbelief when the robes came off, then yawning and booing throughout the entire match until it was over. A flawless performance of boredom, probably guaranteeing that there will never be another terrible non-wrestling match at WrestleMania ever again!

Although I am petrified in horror after watching this match, I did learn a lesson from all this. The next time someone asks you to recap horrible wrestling (or non-wrestling) clips from WrestleMania, say no. In fact, don’t just say no — say no and then go to the person’s house who asked you to do this and take a giant crap on their living room coffee table.

Ric Flair Winning The WWF Title

As we head closer to Wrestlemania, we are being constantly reminded that Ric Flair is approaching the end of his career. This past Monday night on Raw, Shawn Michaels announced Ric Flair as the first inductee for the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. This makes Ric Flair the first active wrestler to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In recent weeks, we’ve been rewinding to some of Ric Flair’s greatest moments. To keep the tradition going, here is another great Ric Flair moment from the 1992 Royal Rumble; where Ric Flair captured the World Wrestling Federation title to become the undisputed heavyweight champion.

Here is some back-story for this match. Ric Flair joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1991, proclaiming himself “The Real World Heavyweight Champion.” Just months earlier, Flair was a top draw for WCW. Departing WCW stemming from a contractual dispute, Flair jumped to the WWF. Bearing the WCW/NWA World Championship and carrying it on WWF television was huge. Ric Flair instantly became a top heel in the WWF, with Bobby Hennan and “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig as his “consultants.”

This all cumulated at the 1992 Royal Rumble, where Ric Flair won the Rumble Match to claim the vacant WWF Championship and become the undisputed champion. Flair lasted 59 minutes, eliminating Sid Justice with help from Hulk Hogan. This was the first and only time the WWF or WWE Championship was on the line in the Royal Rumble match. The championship was vacated in December 1991 because of the controversial finish to the Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker match during This Tuesday in Texas.

This is truly a historical moment, with a great post-match promo and video package that follows:

YouTube Preview Image

Worst WrestleMania Moments: Triple H and John Cena make their entrances

WrestleMania is just around the corner, and we here at DoubleAxHandle couldn’t be less excited. So, starts a new feature leading up to the granddaddy of them all, WORSTLEMANIA, where we present you with all the memories that we would like to forget, but are forcing ourselves to remember to remind you: YOU SHOULDN’T WASTE 60 BUCKS ON THIS CRAPFEST OF A PPV WHEN YOU CAN JUST DOWNLOAD IT AN HOUR LATER (but you didn’t hear that from us!).

We certainly know that with a headlining match featuring John Cena, Randy Orton and the prodigal son Triple H, it may go down in history as the most boring WrestleMania main event of all time. But, just two short years ago, at WrestleMania 22, we were presented with 2/3rds of this year’s main event. It was the unwatchable force meeting the unwatchable object as Triple H faced John Cena in a match where I just didn’t give a shit who won. Since this was the biggest show of the year, and this was the main event of the biggest show of the year, some genius in the truck though ‘Well, let’s have the biggest entrances ever!’. Unfortunately, they failed. EPIC FAILED! First out is the challenger, Triple H, who is sporting a Conan the Barbarian look…

YouTube Preview Image

We get it, you’re the King of Kings (whatever that means). What I want to know, Trips, is why do you even need to face John Cena for the world title? You already got your own shiny custom King of Kings belt. You don’t even need this match, JUST LEAVE! And save us the agony of 20 minutes of rest holds and methodical (read:boring) wrestling.

Then, we get the entrance of champion, John Cena. I swear, the first words of his intro are “The Great Depression…” well, yeah. Anytime I see Cena, it makes me depressed to be a wrestling fan. See, Cena is a gangsta wanna-be, so what better entrance than to come out like a faux-20s-gangster. Its so terrible, I couldn’t even find the clip on its own on Youtube. If you care to be bored for 2 minutes the video is below (FF 2 minutes in to cringe at his entrance)

YouTube Preview Image

Triple H and John Cena will go down in infamy as the worst pair of entrances in WrestleMania history! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we present more WORSTLEMANIA!

The only 5 minutes of No Way Out you really need to see

The Big Show made his surprise return last night at a so-so No Way Out, and his segment was definitely the strongest part of the show. Floyd Mayweather, who my sources tell me, is a boxing champion, kept a straight face and looked legit pissed that Show was messing with his buddy Rey. Really good, legit looking angle.

Looks like they are headed towards a tag match with Rey/Floyd vs. Big Show and a partner at WrestleMania, most likely Shane McMahon. Nothing is yet set in stone, as Rey Mysterio’s injury put a monkeywrench in the plans.

Speaking Out


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