ROH Final Battle 2008 (12/27/08) Inhebriated Recap



Blogger T and I attended last night’s ROH Final Battle 2008 and I tried as hard as I could to keep tabs on the show while being unbelievably drunk. From what I remember, it was a great show with the match of the night definitely being Marafuji vs. Nigel. Marafuji is one of the most entertaining wrestlers I have ever seen. His offense is so innovative and crisp. Tyler Black is also on the fast track to superstardom. I can totally see this guy making a huge impact really soon in TNA or WWE. Here is my unfiltered drunken report:

1. Kenny Omega defeated Claudio in the opener.

2. Jerry Lynn defeated Rhett Titus and Chris Hero and Necro Butcher in a four-way. Good back and forth match. At one point, Titus was trying to powerbomb Necro Butcher off the apron, but Necro reversed it into a huracanrana. In the ring, Sara del Ray threw the loaded elbow pad to Hero who put it on his foot and tried to kick Lynn. Lynn ducked then hit the Cradle Piledriver for the win.

After the match, as Necro was leaving, Jimmy Jacobs entered the ring through the crowd and called Necro a Hollywood sellout. Necro returned to the ring but was attacked from behind by Delirious. That lead to “Steenerico” coming out to start the next match

3. Kevin Steen and El Generico beat Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious to retain the ROH Tag Titles. Really good back and forth match. The end saw Daizee Haze trying to get involved, but Jacobs grabbed her and tried to attack her. Steen then superkicked Jacobs. He followed that up with his version of the cradle piledriver for Delirious followed by a brainbuster by Generico for the win. After the match, Jacobs was yelling at Delirious.

4. Erik Stevens, Roderick Strong and Brent Albright defeated Eddie Edwards, Go Shiozaki and Davey Richards in a NY Street Fight. The match spilled to the outside early. Midway through the match the heels worked on Albright until Strong and Stevens recovered. At one point, the faces had Go cornered. Stevens gave Go a german suplex which led to Strong giving Go a running kick which then led to Albright giving Go the armbar for the win. After the match, Richards and Edwards were pissed at Go and left without him.

5. The Briscoe Brothers defeated Kensuke Sasaki and Nakajima.
Very “methodical” match at first with the heels working over Mark Briscoe.In the end, the Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device in Nekagima but Sasuke broke it up. Mark took Sasuke to the outside ad Jay hit the Jay-driller for the win.

After the match the American Wolves (Richards and Edwards) attacked the Briscoes. This led to Steenerico and Strong/Albright/Stevens coming in for the save. Albright grabbed the mic and said that he was challenging Sweet and Sour to a cage match and somebody was “going to die.”


6. Austin Aries beat Tyler Black. Really good match. Crowd had dueling chants for each wrestler throughout the match. In the end, Tyler was in control and went to the top rope. At this point, Jimmy Jacobs came out to encourage Black, but it ended up distracting Black as he missed his corkscrew. This allowed Aries to hit a brainbuster and the 450 splash for the victory. After the match, Jacobs scolded Black, who then shoved Jacobs, leading to Jacobs begging off. Black eventually forgave Jacobs which got him a low blow for his troubles. Jacobs went to grab a chair and placed it on Black’s head. Austin Aries came out and ran off Jacobs only to turn and hit Black anyway. SWERVE! Both Aries and Jacobs then attacked Black. Weird angle.

As Aries went to the back some fan tried to attack Aries leading to one of the security guards giving the fan a Tazmission. Hilarious!

7. Nigel McGuinness defeated Marafuji to retain the ROH Title. Marifuji unloaded a slew of innovative offense at the beginning of the match which was too awesome to put into words. This match was purely awesome. Towards the end, I almost believed that Marifuji was going to win, but Nigel bounced off the ropes and hit his giant lariat for the win. Match of the night, so far.

After the match, Jerry Lynn walked out to congratulate both wrestlers. Lynn said that despite their differences, he wanted to congratulate Nigel on a great match. Nigel grabbed the mic and said Lynn was just trying to steal his spotlight and that he’s washed up just like Mickey Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler.” Lynn was pissed and demanded some of Nigel right away, but Nigel left through the crowd.

After the match, the lights went out and then Prince Nana appeared in the ring begging Cary Sulkin to rehire him. Security eventually caught him and escorted him out.

8. Bryan Danielson defeated Takeshi Morishima in a Fight Without Honor. Morishima came out first. The lights went out for Danielson and he appeared behind Morishima and blindsided him. Dragon quickly threw Morishima to the outside for a suicide dive. Morishima quickly regained control and slowed the pace of the match down. Danielson’s face was covered in a crimson mask early on. Another awesome back and forth match.

At one point, Dragon hit a German and then rolled it into a cattle mutilation but Morishima rolled out. Dragon then hit 12 elbows but Morishima got up and hit a wicked lariat on Dragon. Morishima proceeded to choke Dragon with a giant chain. After a bit of maneuvering, Dragon managed to hit a side suplex off the top ripe. He then wrapped the chain around Morishima, stomped him a bunch and then locked him in a head scissors. Morishima eventually powerbombed Dragon to get out of the hold.

Danielson eventually wrapped Morishima’s arms in the chain but Morishima fought back with his feet. Danielson went for a low blow and then continuously stomped Morishima in the crotch. Danielson wrapped the chain around his elbow and gave Morishima 20 elbows to the face, setting up for the cattle mutilation for the knockout victory. After the match, Dragon got on the mic and thanked the fans for this show having the largest attendance in ROH history. He was joined in the ring by all the faces.

Notes: Overall, a really strong card with the World title match being the best match of the night.


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