BREAKING: Ric Flair attacked by bear


  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Well this bear can easily defeat John Cena in a tap out or pin fall match. This bear will use his bear hug finisher to finish Cena off, goodnight Cena as you sleep tight hahaha douche.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    The Rock can even finish Cena off with a bear hug and that’s not even his finisher!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    The Rock will take Cena to a garage or a brawling area where The Rock will take out John Cena clean fair and square!!!!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Even Kevin Federline can whoop John Cena clean and that’s a strong fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scott says:

      did anybody watch hnainty last nite, or is it tonight? he is supposed to talk about BO birth problemsand yes the Bond market was so so, over half the offerings went overseas. The FEDS are entertaining the Chinese this week in DC, trying to get them to buy more of OBAMA’s BSThe Chinese know we are going the route of ARgentina, which was the 5th largest industrial nation in the 1920s before going socialist and doing what we are doing right now. And it destroyed their nation for over 80 years. Unless we stop this madness in DC soon, we are going the same route to destruction at the hands of far left liberal illegal thugs in control now.

    • Yeshi says:

      Good luck, squishy! With entiyehrvg, I may add.I forgot it was wednesday, BTW. I leave for school in England on Friday and can’t believe I am already at Wednesday.You were probably too busy with things to notice.

    • Tormeti says:

      Very interesting. I have never quite seen a map like this. It is a liltte busy but overall I like the idea.Thanks for sharing RyanVA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Trish Stratus can even beat John Cena clean!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Lita can own Cena too and she knows Cena can’t wrestle!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Velvet Sky finishes Cena in one blow!!!!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cypress Hill would kill Cena in a battle rap!!!!

    • Niaa says:

      SirWilliam | October 11, 2010 at 1:10 pm |Pete,I happen to agree with you, they know and the fix was in. ***********************************In escesne I agree with the assessment of both of you, and it continues to thoroughly disgust and dismay. Right after Obama took office and we could see the direction he was taking us, I wrote passionately to Rep. John Boehner and Sen. McCain re. contingency plans in case Obama took us over the edge to the point of no return such as taking complete control over the legislative and judicial branches. Nary a response was heard from either one. Now I understand why. This disease has affected ALL of the incumbents. And although some of the candidates have pledged to pursue the eligibility question, I am not going to hold my breath. Let’s wait and see what they really do. Give them some time, however, to get into swing. Back to work for me now. Bye-bye.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Vanilla Ice may be a one hit wonder but can kill Cena in a rap and fighting game!!!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    John Cena is the history of all paper champs!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    John Cena is the worst wrestler of all history!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    John Cena is the non talented wrestler of all time!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    John Cena proves that he has nothing going in wrestling what so ever and it’s not his place to bash The Rock neither. Cena has no room to talk trash about the man who made what wrestling was in the past and now today’s wrestling is nothing but clutter courtesy of Mr. “Super Cena”(sarcasm).

    • Kawulo says:

      I personally beleive that Karl Rove,along with many in Congress,and perhaps even the SCOTUS knew exactly what was going on in the interim up to the election and even afterwards. Many of these people were, and still are in positions from which they could have acted to keep the US from being subjected to what is happening now. Depending upon where the Command,and control centers are it could be extremely difficult if not even impossible to reverse at this late date. I think that we are going to experience a Chavez type of government first hand. Of course SO WILL THE SLIMEY LITTLE DO GOODERS WHO PUT HIM IN OFFICE. I can hear them ALL whining now! YES WE CAN ! remember?

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    If only The Rock and every past wrestler could save wrestling by defeating Cena and other boring employee’s then retire them even though Cena is most need of it.

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