How to properly end a tag team match

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No setup needed! From the recent NOAH supershow featuring the Briscoe Brothers vs. Suguira & Marufuji


  • Buff Blogwell says:

    I think I saw The Highlanders use this finish against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch once.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    If only WWE would just let Cena go away from wrestling then everyone would be happy that Cena left with his sucky talent, but wait he has no talent that’s for sure.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena once again loves to talk trash but ended up getting his mouth shut once The Rock shut it up for him by whipping his sorry@$$!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Again Cena can’t be so seriously in reality because he’s a total wimpola on socitey like the crowd booing and hating him. Well that should tell Cena something that he not only sucks but he needs to leave wrestling period.

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Even though Cena does suck but then again he loves to be known like a cocky fool that he does suck at wrestling just like he always ever been. Cena needs to check himself out because he’s getting nowhere from the real crowd, the hostile crowd that he’s not really wanted around anymore or heck not at all. With someone posting an anti Cena sign saying “it’s no that we can’t see you, we don’t wanna see you”, that should give Cena the hint he’s not wanted around the business and needs to go away for good while he has dignity left. Cena claims he’s not bothered by the hated audience crowd but deep down like Rock said, it’s really eating him up inside and eating away his core in his stomach. Therefore my advice to Cena is give up punk, you suck, you need to retire while you’re alive man. The Rock even knows you suck at wrestling so save us all and save yourself by RETIRING your career!!!!!!!!!

  • Ace Jorkel says:

    Cena sucks at wrestling and he’s so arrogant thinking he beat everyone and everybody. News flash Cena, you haven’t beatin everyone like Rock or Kevin Federline for example. Cena also thinks he’s better than everyone. No you’re not Cena, there’s lots of people who are better than you at everything not just wrestling but everything period. Even Lita owned your fat@$$ when she said she and everyone is a better wrestler than you!

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