The HUMAN TORNADO will bitch-slap all jive turkeys

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Last weekend, Blogger T and I had the chance to attend ROH’s Sixth Anniversary show at the Manhattan Center. I have a large built-up rant that I will post soon, but first I thought I must let all the wrestling blogeratti out there know, that the man who impressed us the most was HUMAN TORNADO.

Sure, this soul brotha was on the short-lived-but-rather-awesome MTV series, Wrestling Society X, but I don’t really feel I got the full grasp of his awesomeness until seeing him live and in technicolor, daddy! Its very rare we dish out compliments here at DoubleAxHandle, but this dude is absolutely money. I’m sure in no time, WWE will snatch him up and neuter him just like they did with countless others (RVD, Paul London, etc).

Both clips furnished by the Human Tornado’s Myspace page. If he’s on an indy car in your town, check this foo’ out, he may be worth the price of admission.

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  • Thank You guys for pimpin me out on your site! NYC showed Much Luv and I plan to go back soon!

  • Tayyab says:

    I was one of about five people in the Beverly C.C. psohrop/caddy shack when it was leveled by the tornado. I was 13, a caddy, filling in for my older brother as a club cleaner. I never saw it coming, only heard a terrible thunderstorm that turned the afternoon pitch black. Another pro shop worker named Eddie Staffan tackled me just before it hit, throwing both of us behind tall metal racks that were anchored in concrete and held members’ golf bags. They were about the only things left standing. I can still remember the cold, dusty gusts as they tore through the roof and walls. Yes, it sounded like a freight train. I still have a scar on my knuckle from where flying glass from the front window hit my right hand. We had to dig three (I think) people out from under a card table in the front office, where they had hidden themselves at the last minute. No one was seriously injured, although everyone was in total shock. My knuckle didn’t start bleeding for five or 10 minutes. I had no idea what had hit us. Standing in the club parking lot, another stunned survivor asked, What the hell was that? It was only then that I heard the word tornado.

  • Pahul says:

    because the sky was so dark. She also explained that she asmolt stopped at the diner on the corner of Southwest Highway and 95th St. but because the skys were so dark she decided to pick us up from school. She would later say that she might have been in the resturant with her two friends had she stopped. When we got home we could see how the skys over Oaklawn were green and black and we heard weather reports on the radio. Weeks after the tornado we would visit close family friends in the Oak Lawn area and see homes that had been damaged or destroyed. My aunt lived 1 block south of Southwest Highway and McVicker. For years we could see traces of the tornado’s damage up and down the different streets and would be reminded how fortunate we were. My mother used to say to us to say a prayer for those less fortunate.

  • Tom says:

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